Fluffybug Cloth Diapers & Little Neetchers

I am so excited about this new little find, thanks again to Instagram. Fluffybug Cloth Diapers provides one size, pocket diapers by Alva for affordable prices. They also have awesome microfiber inserts and wetbags at great prices and fun prints. And tomorrow I am placing an order for three pocket dipes. I never knew how addicting cloth diapering can be and am anxious to get my stash up to be able to cloth diaper full time! You should check Fluffybug out on Facebook and follow them on Instagram @fluffybugclothdiapers!

In my journey of cloth diapering I have had the opportunity of being linked to many resources. My friends, Instagram, the internet. I feel very strongly about being eco and saving our planet and feel like,  even though cloth diapering isnt for everyone, everyone should participate in saving our earth from millions more pounds of waste. So I joined an event to help make everyone aware and to help educate as I have been so lucky to be.

Please head over to Little Neetchers and see what their about. And if you want to join the event, head to the event page: Cloth Diapering Capaign. In addition to just sharing your story and knowledge, youll have a chance to win some goodies!

So excited for my cloth diapers tomorrow!!


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