I am currently…

cooking… pizza! Well, not at this exact moment, but we have implemented homemade pizza night on Mondays in our home and have this Mondays already picked out. Each Friday we do meal planning {pizza night included} for the next week and have decided to do a sausage pizza. Bry chose the pizza theme for this next week, which surprises me because she always picks pineapple.

reading… Twilight; again. I just can’t get enough. Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn were my favorites! I could skip New Moon since it mostly has to do with Jacob and I am obviously Team Edward, duh. I really jumped on this whole Twilight bandwagon a couple years late, but when I picked up the first book I just couldn’t put it down! I finished the whole series in under two weeks, the last book only taking me 6 hours to read! Like, in a row! And since I have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out and I have ran out of Vampire Diaries episodes, I must reread the books to keep my vampire obsession fulfilled. Ok, Im not really that obsessed, but if you’ve never read the books, you have to. They’re amazing!

wishing… I had the time and money to open up a store front. I love having my Etsy shops and am incredibly fortunate that Etsy is available to me, but my passion is to open up a shop. It would be more than just a little handmade shop and it would be amazing… someday… I am also wishing that my boobs would just get smaller. Oh the joys of nursing.

considering… joining a mommy and me class or a song time class with Oliver. Parent involvement is a big thing and I want to be as involved as possible. It’s really important to me to have a lasting and close relationship with my children.. I want them to know they can depend on me. Plus, who doesn’t want to sing a bunch of silly songs that don’t make sense just to see their baby smile?

looking for… new ideas for my shops! Im planning on adding a few toys to Oliver’s Treasure Chest and some cute little girlie accessories, but I want these shops to grow and eventually blend together. I am also looking for a minivan. Our family outgrew my tiny ol’ Jetta and I don’t mind looking like a soccer mom! Oh and one last thing.. I’m looking for an amazing lavender cupcake recipe. Anyone want to share!?

Harvesting Kale


Lunchbox Love | Say Please Giveaway Winner!

Thank you to all that have entered in the giveaway. Its time to announce the winner!

Congratulations to Lucia Lopez!

I will be contacting you shortly for your coupon code.

I hope the new school year has started out smoothly and that you’re all putting a little love in your little ones lunches.

D.I.Y. Ice Pack With Cover | Tutorial

As a mom of an accident prone daughter I’ve struggled in finding the right ice pack with the perfect consistency to help soothe those bumps and bruises. Ever thrown some ice cubes in a ziploc or busted out a bag of frozen peas? Yeah; doesn’t really work. So after searching for ice packs online with that slushyness, I came across an ice pack recipe and decided to try it out. It worked! It is the perfect consistency! I also made a cute little cover for it. My daughter doesn’t usually like icing an owie unless it looks cute.

The ice pack is very easy to make as well as the cover and you probably have all the ingredients to make it!

First lets make the ice pack.


rubbing alcohol

water {from the tap}

two ziploc bags; quart size


Pour 3/4 cup rubbing alcohol into ziploc bag

Pour 2 cups water into ziploc bag

Zip bag, making sure to squeeze all of the air out

Put ziploc in second ziploc and seal, squeezing all of the air out

Place in the freezer for about 4-6 hours to get the slushy consistency

Meanwhile…. make the casing.


one piece of fabric measuring 4×16 inches

one piece of fabric measuring 10×16 inches

sew on velcro measuring 7 inches


Take the fabric measuring 4×16 inches and fold in half; press

Open up and pin velcro on the bottom half of the fabric evenly spaced

Sew on velcro

Fold fabric in half again

Lay 4×16 inch fabric velcro side up at the top of the 10×16 inch piece of fabric, raw edges together, and pin

Sew across with a 1/4 inch seam allowance

Open up and press seam down

Fold in half, lengthwise, right sides together, and pin

Sew around the open long edge and bottom edge

Turn out and place slushy ice pack in cover

Now its ready to use!

Please be sure if you have any serious injury to consult a doctor before using an ice pack. This ice pack is not for use with cold lunches or ice chests.

Refashioned | Hi Lo Ombre Dress & Two Jeans

Oh the challenges of parenting – growing children. Which results in clothes you just barely bought that don’t fit anymore! And when you have a weed for a daughter, that problem persists more often than I’d like. But, because I have awesome tailoring skills {hahaha}, I am able to stretch the life of Bry’s clothes just a wee bit longer.

She has a hi lo ombre maxi dress that we got last year for her that she practically lived in. It was just a tad on the shorter side than most maxi dresses {my daughter is almost 5 feet tall!}. Because of her height, things her size length-wise are usually a bit on the shorter side. But after coming back from her dads this past summer a whole inch and a half taller, that perfect length turned into a super awkward length that just looked a little silly. She also had two pairs of jeans that she loved, but one was on the short side and the other were ‘too skinny’ of skinny jeans.

So I took my mad tailoring skills and {simply} cut the jeans into shorts to her desired and school required length. Then she folded them up once to make them look ‘cool’.

I am definitely utilizing the leftover polkadot cuts from this pair!

Then I took some more awesome tailoring skills and actually looked up a tutorial on how to properly ‘tailor’ a hi lo dress. I found one here and did just as described, then altered it a bit to get a more rounded front and back. Then I serged the edges to keep the knit from rolling.

It came out perfect and still appropriate for school. Plus, she loves it. And if your 10 year old tween loves a refashion, then you know you did something right.

I kinda had some fun refashioning {if you even want to call it that} these items. Hmmm, I wonder what other things in her drawers I can tackle next..

Lunchbox Love | Say Please | GIVEAWAY!

A long while ago, several years, I dont know how but I cane across this awesome site called Say Please. It was around the time of them just starting out and they had just these lunchbox love packs.

Theyre little notes on cards that say happy, uplifting, inspiring things like ‘you make me smile’ and ‘make good choices today’. On the back are fun facts.. some really random that make you laugh and some pretty educational (but still fun!). I just had to get them. So I ordered a sample pack. (I dont remember how many came in a sample pack.) I wanted to surprise Bry with one in her lunch to see if she liked it and she did! So I ended up ordering volumes 1-4. They were a big hit and a part of our daily routine. If I didnt pack her a lunch, Id slip it in her backpack or put it by her toothbrush in the morning. She would come home from school so excited about her fun fact.. even now!

I ended up ordering volumes 5-8, plus one for tweens, one for your (girl)friends, one for birthday boys, and one for birthday girls (they had a sale!). Its amazing how many different ways you can make your child smile-these volumes come with 12 cards per volume. Thats 96 ways! And think of all the fun and funny educational facts theyll learn and be excited about! They even come with blank ones on the front so you can write your own little message to them. So cool!

With school starting tomorrow (!!!) Ive brought them out of the drawer and onto the table next to the chore jars (perhaps to make the chore jars feel a little less.. chorey?) ready for the new school year. I absolutely love these lunchbox love cards! Cant you tell?

And since Im so excited about them and feel like they need to be in everyones home and every kids lunchbox, Im going to give away a 10% off Lunch Box Love code from Say Please! And the code never expires! And they have 48 sets to choose from now!

I know, I know.. Im already having a giveaway, but so? All you have to do is leave a comment with your back to school routine or what you dread most about starting a new school year. I can tell you my dread.. getting that girls room ready! Ugh.

Anyway, you have till next Wednesday at 11:59 pm PST to comment. I will announce the winner the following day and email the code, so you must leave your email in the comment in order to qualify.

C’mon.. dontcha wanna leave your kids a little Lunchbox Love?


(The cards on the right are from Target.. in the dollar section! Go get some!)

Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial

I had a custom order for a toss and keep garter with rolled fabric flower accents a while back and surprisingly, I couldnt really grasp the whole rolled fabric flower concept. After watching oobs and gobs of youtube tutorials and reading through lots of written ones, I was still confused. My flowers werent getting flat.. even with the width Id cut the fabric at. The tutorials were saying to twist the fabric then wrap around a few times, twist, wrap, twist, etc. And my flowers were as thick as the fabric width after folded in half! So I just kept messing around trying out different methods and I finally found one! I was able to get the custom order finished on time.


About a month ago we took a trip down to see my mom in San Diego. While there I decided to make a small cluster of those flowers to put on my grandpa’s grave instead of flowers that just die. I even got to make them out of my grandma’s vintage remnants!



My mom thought these flowers were so cute so while visiting her again I gathered up what was needed and showed her how. Since I was so confused with the other tutorials, I thought Id write up a much simpler one to share.



Fabric {I got to use some more of my grandmas fabric remnants; blue gingham!}
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Lemonade {I get thirsty when I craft}


Cut a 1/2 inch strip of fabric. The length can be as long as youd like. The longer it is, the bigger the flower. Ideal length is 40-44 inches.


Fold the strip in half at the end and roll the end of the fabric in, raw edges up, folding fabric in half as you roll it in. Roll as much or as little as youd like; it will be the center of your flower.


Put a dab of hot glue to keep it in place.

Pinch the top and bottom of your center and twist the fabric strip continuously while wrapping the now twisted strip around the center. Place dabs of hot glue as you go around to keep the strip in place.

Keep wrapping and twisting, making sure to twist continuously.


Once you have reached the end, leave a small amount of the strip, unfolded.

Hot glue the back of the flower and wrap the end of the strip over to the back to make the flower look clean and to reinforce the fabric flower.



Make as many as you want to create projects!


Loving this blue gingham! Glad I have more of this fabric to bring home with me.

I made two of these for my mom to start her out, but shes gonna make more to hang in her kitchen. I told her she better send me a photo to share!

Speaking of sharing, if youve created some with this tutorial or have made these before, Id love for you to share your projects with me to put up on the blog! You can find my contact information in the contact section at the top of the blog. Thanks!

Doll & Bird House

My mom found this really cute wooden dollhouse a while back for Bry. It was pretty bare when she bought it and needs to be fixed up. She got a couple pieces of furniture to add to it at Michaels Craft Stores.


Cute, right? So while down here visiting, Bry wanted to paint them and a birdhouse too.






I loved the colors she picked for all of the pieces.





Loving that birdhouse! Paint splatter is one of my fave expressions of art. Good job Bry!

Olivers First Train Ride

Today the babe and I are taking a train to see my mom in San Diego and to see big sister! Its his first train ride being outside of the belly.


So far he has ate, peed, and slept.



We are halfway done with our trip and four more hours to go. So excited to see Bry!

The train ride down is so pretty. Im happy today.

I Recovered Two Cushions – And Hated It!

My daughter will be coming back home from spending the summer with her dad so I wanted to get her room ready for her and revamp it just a little.

We had these ugly brown couch cushions in our garage and decided they would be the perfect lounge cushions for Bry’s bedroom floor next to her sitting/reading area. I had this amazing velveteen fabric by Ana Maria Horner {2 beautiful yards of it!} and decided that would be the perfect fabric for the recover.

I wanted to recover them right so I looked up some tutorials and were, of course, confused so I just took the concept of my tag toy block and integrated that into the design, with an open flap on one end to slip the pillow into. It was pretty simple to put together, but there was just so much fabric for my tiny little workspace. I should have moved my machine over to the dinning room table.

I finished one and decided to slip it over the cushion to see how I did – it was too big! So I decided to just make an envelope slipcover for the second, smaller. Much better! I’m glad I did the first one, though; taught me a lesson in the fact that measuring your item is key! I’ll definitely remember that the next time I need something to fit more snug. Ugh! For tonight, the open flap end is kinda tucked under the cushion to make it look like it was well constructed. Tomorrow I’ll go in and tuck the corners and take the one end in a bit.

I also used the remaining scraps and covered foam pipe insulation to use as ladder cushions on Bry’s metal loft bed. She has complained about them hurting her feet for a year now and wow – I just got around to it. Her coming back home is the perfect excuse to get every little thing finished and checked off the list.

Ahhh! Isn’t that fabric amazing? I love Ana Maria Horner and the Lou Lou Thi line has been my favorite thus far. And this is in velveteen people! Velveteen! And I love how the colors change through out the fabric so even though the fabric is the same on both cushions, they look different because of the colors!

I can just picture her and her friends loungin’ in her room listening to Justin Bieber and gossiping on these right now. Oh, Im just too excited for her to be home!