National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month! The campaign was formed to spread awareness and empower women to breastfeed and commit to it. There are so many benefits to breastfeeding like convenience, it’s cheap… but aside from that, babies who are breastfed exclusively are less likely to develop an array of medical issues {some not too worrysome} and benefit in great ways.

A local doula and President of the Birth & Baby Resource Network created an event to get moms, dad, and kids out in the public for a public display of breastfeeding. As you may know, I am a nursing mom and back nursing exclusively one hundred percent. So I joined the event help educate people on the benefits of breastfeeding – and I did that by nursing {without any sort of cover} publicly. Myself, the doula, and several ladies {dads and kids too!} stood in front of our local Victoria’s Secret during Farmer’s Market tonight holding signs and nursing our babies out in the open. We got some looks, a few whispers from passerbys, but most importantly we had a ton of support. People would walk by and say things like ‘thank you!’ and ‘way to go!’, cheering us on and striking up conversations with us. Some, who had no idea what was going on, even stopped and read our signs and left with knowledge. It was a great turn out!

A local photographer and friend of mine stopped by to photograph the event and help spread awareness too. Thankfully she is letting me share some images with you from our ‘Whip’em Out Breastfeeding Flash Mob’ event.

{Check out Robyn Berry Photography!}

*Warning: Some of these images are slightly revealing {partial boobage shots}

What a sweet little milky mouth

Oliver likes to snuggle when he nurses

Even the little ones joined in nursing their babies

Our friends came out to support us! It’s so nice to have support from moms who aren’t nursing anymore or never nursed at all!

Milk drunk

Isn’t this great?

Join the boobalution!



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