‘I Made This’ – D.I.Y. Dress

Huge hashtag of mine on Instagram – #imadethis

Usually its a lot of my crafty stuff or a product I sell in one of my Etsy shops, but tonight Im featuring a d.i.y. dress that I made myself… mostly. And I will show you how to make one yourself! Its really easy. I think the hardest part is getting to the store.


Walmart material



Marking pencil


Literally go to Walmart with a friend and in their fabric section you will find this smocked material in a few different designs.

Have your friend wrap the material around your body to get the yardage for your dress.

Go home, have your friend wrap the material around your body again, inside facing out, and pin at the desired fit.

Carefully slip the dress off

Take a marking pencil and ruler and draw a line where your stitches will be for a guideline

Serge down that line, being mindful of the pins on your way down {no pins in the serger!}

Try it on, make sure its how you want it to fit, make any corrections

And you’re done!

I never do apparel, but my mom really liked this stuff when we took a trip to Walmart so I agreed to make it for her.

She loves it.

{Thats my mommy!}


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