D.I.Y Cord Organizer

We always have tons of cords scattered about with no organization what-so-ever involving them. Plus, when I put away my small appliances {serger, iron}, I don’t have anything to hold the cords so they’re not strung out down the hallway. So in an effort to be eco-friendly and upcycle and repurpose a common product in our home, I went through the recycle bin and pulled out a couple of toilet paper rolls.

With this simple project, it doesn’t matter how many cords you have in your house untamed, you’ll never have to worry about that tangled mess again!

1. Gather materials: toilet paper rolls, spray adhesive, washi {decorative} tape, scrap fabric {pre-cut to 5 1/2 x 4 1/2}

With the fabric:

2. Spray the toilet paper roll with the adhesive and start to wrap the fabric around the roll smoothing out any wrinkles

3. Wrap all the way around the roll

With the washi tape

4. Wrap washi tape around roll as much or as little as you like. You could fill up the whole roll or just do sections like I did.

5. Wrap up cord and stick through center of toilet paper rolls

6. Organize the cords wherever, however!

Another thing you could do is add a label to each one so you know which cord is which {ie: t.v., hd, etc.} if you’re keeping them all in a drawer or not with their counterparts.


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