My Farewell Post on Sew Basted I Wanna Purl

Before this blog I was co-blogging with a friend of mine, Breana, on Sew Basted I Wanna Purl.

We had so much fun putting everything together for our readers. And being great friends helped a lot in being able to co-blog together.

She was a solid knitter and sewer, while I had just delved into sewing myself with very little knitting skills so we balanced each other out quite well with Breana’s solid foundation.

We also had fun on photo shoots, like this one for a featured blog post.

Last October I stepped away and went my own way handing it all over to her. Tonight I officially said goodbye.

Be sure to bookmark the blog and keep an eye out for crafty posts from Breana soon!

Sew Basted I Wanna Purl


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