I Recovered Two Cushions – And Hated It!

My daughter will be coming back home from spending the summer with her dad so I wanted to get her room ready for her and revamp it just a little.

We had these ugly brown couch cushions in our garage and decided they would be the perfect lounge cushions for Bry’s bedroom floor next to her sitting/reading area. I had this amazing velveteen fabric by Ana Maria Horner {2 beautiful yards of it!} and decided that would be the perfect fabric for the recover.

I wanted to recover them right so I looked up some tutorials and were, of course, confused so I just took the concept of my tag toy block and integrated that into the design, with an open flap on one end to slip the pillow into. It was pretty simple to put together, but there was just so much fabric for my tiny little workspace. I should have moved my machine over to the dinning room table.

I finished one and decided to slip it over the cushion to see how I did – it was too big! So I decided to just make an envelope slipcover for the second, smaller. Much better! I’m glad I did the first one, though; taught me a lesson in the fact that measuring your item is key! I’ll definitely remember that the next time I need something to fit more snug. Ugh! For tonight, the open flap end is kinda tucked under the cushion to make it look like it was well constructed. Tomorrow I’ll go in and tuck the corners and take the one end in a bit.

I also used the remaining scraps and covered foam pipe insulation to use as ladder cushions on Bry’s metal loft bed. She has complained about them hurting her feet for a year now and wow – I just got around to it. Her coming back home is the perfect excuse to get every little thing finished and checked off the list.

Ahhh! Isn’t that fabric amazing? I love Ana Maria Horner and the Lou Lou Thi line has been my favorite thus far. And this is in velveteen people! Velveteen! And I love how the colors change through out the fabric so even though the fabric is the same on both cushions, they look different because of the colors!

I can just picture her and her friends loungin’ in her room listening to Justin Bieber and gossiping on these right now. Oh, Im just too excited for her to be home!


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