Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial

I had a custom order for a toss and keep garter with rolled fabric flower accents a while back and surprisingly, I couldnt really grasp the whole rolled fabric flower concept. After watching oobs and gobs of youtube tutorials and reading through lots of written ones, I was still confused. My flowers werent getting flat.. even with the width Id cut the fabric at. The tutorials were saying to twist the fabric then wrap around a few times, twist, wrap, twist, etc. And my flowers were as thick as the fabric width after folded in half! So I just kept messing around trying out different methods and I finally found one! I was able to get the custom order finished on time.


About a month ago we took a trip down to see my mom in San Diego. While there I decided to make a small cluster of those flowers to put on my grandpa’s grave instead of flowers that just die. I even got to make them out of my grandma’s vintage remnants!



My mom thought these flowers were so cute so while visiting her again I gathered up what was needed and showed her how. Since I was so confused with the other tutorials, I thought Id write up a much simpler one to share.



Fabric {I got to use some more of my grandmas fabric remnants; blue gingham!}
Hot glue gun
Hot glue sticks
Lemonade {I get thirsty when I craft}


Cut a 1/2 inch strip of fabric. The length can be as long as youd like. The longer it is, the bigger the flower. Ideal length is 40-44 inches.


Fold the strip in half at the end and roll the end of the fabric in, raw edges up, folding fabric in half as you roll it in. Roll as much or as little as youd like; it will be the center of your flower.


Put a dab of hot glue to keep it in place.

Pinch the top and bottom of your center and twist the fabric strip continuously while wrapping the now twisted strip around the center. Place dabs of hot glue as you go around to keep the strip in place.

Keep wrapping and twisting, making sure to twist continuously.


Once you have reached the end, leave a small amount of the strip, unfolded.

Hot glue the back of the flower and wrap the end of the strip over to the back to make the flower look clean and to reinforce the fabric flower.



Make as many as you want to create projects!


Loving this blue gingham! Glad I have more of this fabric to bring home with me.

I made two of these for my mom to start her out, but shes gonna make more to hang in her kitchen. I told her she better send me a photo to share!

Speaking of sharing, if youve created some with this tutorial or have made these before, Id love for you to share your projects with me to put up on the blog! You can find my contact information in the contact section at the top of the blog. Thanks!


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