Lunchbox Love | Say Please | GIVEAWAY!

A long while ago, several years, I dont know how but I cane across this awesome site called Say Please. It was around the time of them just starting out and they had just these lunchbox love packs.

Theyre little notes on cards that say happy, uplifting, inspiring things like ‘you make me smile’ and ‘make good choices today’. On the back are fun facts.. some really random that make you laugh and some pretty educational (but still fun!). I just had to get them. So I ordered a sample pack. (I dont remember how many came in a sample pack.) I wanted to surprise Bry with one in her lunch to see if she liked it and she did! So I ended up ordering volumes 1-4. They were a big hit and a part of our daily routine. If I didnt pack her a lunch, Id slip it in her backpack or put it by her toothbrush in the morning. She would come home from school so excited about her fun fact.. even now!

I ended up ordering volumes 5-8, plus one for tweens, one for your (girl)friends, one for birthday boys, and one for birthday girls (they had a sale!). Its amazing how many different ways you can make your child smile-these volumes come with 12 cards per volume. Thats 96 ways! And think of all the fun and funny educational facts theyll learn and be excited about! They even come with blank ones on the front so you can write your own little message to them. So cool!

With school starting tomorrow (!!!) Ive brought them out of the drawer and onto the table next to the chore jars (perhaps to make the chore jars feel a little less.. chorey?) ready for the new school year. I absolutely love these lunchbox love cards! Cant you tell?

And since Im so excited about them and feel like they need to be in everyones home and every kids lunchbox, Im going to give away a 10% off Lunch Box Love code from Say Please! And the code never expires! And they have 48 sets to choose from now!

I know, I know.. Im already having a giveaway, but so? All you have to do is leave a comment with your back to school routine or what you dread most about starting a new school year. I can tell you my dread.. getting that girls room ready! Ugh.

Anyway, you have till next Wednesday at 11:59 pm PST to comment. I will announce the winner the following day and email the code, so you must leave your email in the comment in order to qualify.

C’mon.. dontcha wanna leave your kids a little Lunchbox Love?


(The cards on the right are from Target.. in the dollar section! Go get some!)


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