Refashioned | Hi Lo Ombre Dress & Two Jeans

Oh the challenges of parenting – growing children. Which results in clothes you just barely bought that don’t fit anymore! And when you have a weed for a daughter, that problem persists more often than I’d like. But, because I have awesome tailoring skills {hahaha}, I am able to stretch the life of Bry’s clothes just a wee bit longer.

She has a hi lo ombre maxi dress that we got last year for her that she practically lived in. It was just a tad on the shorter side than most maxi dresses {my daughter is almost 5 feet tall!}. Because of her height, things her size length-wise are usually a bit on the shorter side. But after coming back from her dads this past summer a whole inch and a half taller, that perfect length turned into a super awkward length that just looked a little silly. She also had two pairs of jeans that she loved, but one was on the short side and the other were ‘too skinny’ of skinny jeans.

So I took my mad tailoring skills and {simply} cut the jeans into shorts to her desired and school required length. Then she folded them up once to make them look ‘cool’.

I am definitely utilizing the leftover polkadot cuts from this pair!

Then I took some more awesome tailoring skills and actually looked up a tutorial on how to properly ‘tailor’ a hi lo dress. I found one here and did just as described, then altered it a bit to get a more rounded front and back. Then I serged the edges to keep the knit from rolling.

It came out perfect and still appropriate for school. Plus, she loves it. And if your 10 year old tween loves a refashion, then you know you did something right.

I kinda had some fun refashioning {if you even want to call it that} these items. Hmmm, I wonder what other things in her drawers I can tackle next..


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