I am currently…

cooking… pizza! Well, not at this exact moment, but we have implemented homemade pizza night on Mondays in our home and have this Mondays already picked out. Each Friday we do meal planning {pizza night included} for the next week and have decided to do a sausage pizza. Bry chose the pizza theme for this next week, which surprises me because she always picks pineapple.

reading… Twilight; again. I just can’t get enough. Twilight, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn were my favorites! I could skip New Moon since it mostly has to do with Jacob and I am obviously Team Edward, duh. I really jumped on this whole Twilight bandwagon a couple years late, but when I picked up the first book I just couldn’t put it down! I finished the whole series in under two weeks, the last book only taking me 6 hours to read! Like, in a row! And since I have to wait until Breaking Dawn Part 2 comes out and I have ran out of Vampire Diaries episodes, I must reread the books to keep my vampire obsession fulfilled. Ok, Im not really that obsessed, but if you’ve never read the books, you have to. They’re amazing!

wishing… I had the time and money to open up a store front. I love having my Etsy shops and am incredibly fortunate that Etsy is available to me, but my passion is to open up a shop. It would be more than just a little handmade shop and it would be amazing… someday… I am also wishing that my boobs would just get smaller. Oh the joys of nursing.

considering… joining a mommy and me class or a song time class with Oliver. Parent involvement is a big thing and I want to be as involved as possible. It’s really important to me to have a lasting and close relationship with my children.. I want them to know they can depend on me. Plus, who doesn’t want to sing a bunch of silly songs that don’t make sense just to see their baby smile?

looking for… new ideas for my shops! Im planning on adding a few toys to Oliver’s Treasure Chest and some cute little girlie accessories, but I want these shops to grow and eventually blend together. I am also looking for a minivan. Our family outgrew my tiny ol’ Jetta and I don’t mind looking like a soccer mom! Oh and one last thing.. I’m looking for an amazing lavender cupcake recipe. Anyone want to share!?

Harvesting Kale


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