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I ‘met’ the girl behind Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe on Instagram and have been following her ever since. {Turns out, we have a few mutual friends!} She was offering a button swap for her blog and did a featured sponsors post last month; I was so honored to be a part of that. And now I am here to introduce you to her.

Since we don’t live near each other, I sent her over some interview questions and she fired away with awesome, silly, and fun answers. It’s time to meet the girl behind Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe…

Where did your love of baking stem from?

I sort of developed my culinary addiction when I was a little girl. As soon as I discovered the now-popular “Food Network” Channel, I was hooked! I kid not, I was like…12 years old, glued to the T.V…watching Emeril Lagasse make New Orleans inspired gumbo and loving every second of it. It became my sort of comfort- if I went out of town on vacation with the family, or spent a summer at a relative’s house- I felt at home and less homesick if the darn channel was on. Then, after a few years at college I decided my current career path wasn’t right for me and changed my major within one summer- to Culinary Arts. It was at school that I discovered the art of baking. Not only baking, but fine dining dessert making. Brulees, chocolate and sugar sculpting, tortes and tarts, decadent 12 layer cakes- I was obsessed. So, naturally after graduating with my Le Cordon Bleu degree I worked in fine dining kitchens doing…desserts.

When did you first start baking?
I began baking from a really young age. My first memory of being in the kitchen was in an old house my family lived in- some weekend morning…let’s just say a Sunday for story’s sake- and I wanted to make my mom pancakes. Trying to do it alone (yes, I was at an age I could “cook” alone) I made the batter…using olive oil instead of a neutral oil you’d usually use. I had no clue there was a difference…but boy was there! They were terrible! I since learned to read and follow recipes VERY carefully.
What is your favorite thing to bake for the shoppe?
Since I don’t have an actual shop, my “shoppe” is my teeny tiny kitchen in the home my husband and I share (with our two cantankerous cats). I love making cupcakes actually. I know, super cliche’ but it’s true. They’re my favorite. Cute little individual sized portions of cake- how could you go wrong!? Oh! Then there’s pie too… <— GAW I LOVE PIE! Those would be some favorites. Basically I love baking anything I know I am going to share with loved ones. Sweets make people happy, and I love that aspect of them. It’s a good feeling when something you’ve poured your heart into, is being devoured, loved, and thoroughly enjoyed by the ones closest to you.
What do you like to bake for your home outside of the shoppe?
See above question ūüėČ
How do you balance your baking, Etsy, blog, Instagram, Twitter with your every day life?

HA! WHO KNOWS! I sure as heck don’t. It’s something I honestly struggle with myself. There are days I think I’ve got it covered- the balancing act that is. Then there are days I am so overwhelmed I want to throw my phone and computer out the window and hide in a dark room for weeks. BUT I will say, something I’ve learned over the years is this- you don’t have to do it all at once. It’s ok to get to that email tomorrow. It’s ok if you don’t post that picture to Instagram right away…or at all. That blog you’ve been meaning to get up, can actually wait until you’re rested and ready to pour your 100% into it. No one wants to read 30% of you- that’s lame and boring. If you’re¬†exhausted¬†it will show. Rest, relax, and get to it¬†another¬†day. Take days off. I try to take every Sunday off for personal life, church, whatever. Oh! And another thing I’ve learned- there IS indeed a power button on your phone. Use it. I have to force myself to turn my phone off in the evening, after my husband has come home from work. This blogging¬†business¬†is important…but so are snuggles with the man you love.

Describe yourself in 3 words
Wordy. Honest. Strangely Insecure. Shoot that’s 4! Ooops, now 10! UGHHHHH!
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself outside of baking and social networking?
I am a pastry chef, wife, friend, sister, daughter, follower of Jesus, lover of love stories, and literally adore everything¬†sweet. I spend my free time crocheting, reading magazines, dating my husband, coffee dating my girl friends, spending time with my Heavenly¬†Father, or any combination of the two. I can’t help but enter any cooking store, farmer’s market, thrift store or Anthropologie and have a serious problem hoarding cooking/baking books, old thrift store/vintage clothes and aprons. Seriously…my house is bursting at the seams with them. I consider my two cats two of my best friends and I’m not ashamed to say that. They literally crack me up when we have late night girl time over coffee….wait? What? Scratch that.
Would you consider yourself a crafty gal and if so what type of crafts do you like?

I didn’t used to! If you were to ask me this a couple years ago I would have given you an, “Ehhhhhh…” But now- SHOOT! Yeah I guess I am! Some of the things I dabble in are my edible decorations I create for my Etsy store and lately, crocheting. Who wooda thunk? I friggin love crocheting! Remind me to show you this blanket I’m currently making….

Are you a sewer?
HA! No. The end.
We know you love to bake, but what is your favorite thing to make for dinner or does your hubby do all of the cooking?

I am the cooker of the house. I give that boy an A+ for trying though. It’s not his strong suit, but he’s learning! Yay! I’m not a recipe girl, when it comes to cooking. I never have been. If I even open a cookbook or read a recipe it’s more to get the “feel” of the dish, then go on from there. All I need is a 30 second basic read/run through and I’m good to go. So our dinners are different, every.single.night. There is however ONE recipe I do use…and we love it with our whole hearts. I’ve named it, “Virginian BBQ Chicken” and it came from a visit to a dear dear friend in…well…Virginia. She made it for me one night while I was visiting: it was quite possibly the best thing I had ever eaten. I¬†acquired¬†said recipe (which was nameless) and the rest is history. Apparently this chicken is made by the locals of a particular town- they BBQ on the side of the road and you can drive along side and order some! Oh how I wish that was here. They’d make a fortune from us.

Do you have a muse or gain any inspiration from any one person or place?
I gain inspiration from a lot of places and people. There are so many inspiring people and things out there! Some of my more inspiring…inspirations (what the heck?) come from my husband, Anthropologie, blogs I frequent, Pinterest,¬†¬†Giada De Laurentiis, and¬†everyday experiences.
Any future plans of opening a brick and mortar shoppe?

The question of all questions! Boy how we’ve talked and pondered on this one. I guess the only answer I can give is, “We’ll see! All in His timing”.

{full page feature in Brides mag!}

Thank you Christina for letting me interview you! It was fun, even via email. I hope some day soon I can try one of your cupcakes & pie… two of my favorite sweets. Wait, Crem√© Brule√© is too.

To find out more of what Sweet Lavender Bake Shoppe is up to, be sure to follow:






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