Beverly’s Fabrics Classes | September

Beverly’s Fabrics in San Luis Obispo has a roundup on sewing classes for this month, as well as some other fun crafts. Here is a list of what they’re up to this month. What a perfect way to celebrate National Sewing Month with some sewing classes, walking away with a finished project! Please be sure to call to sign up for a class {805} 543.6433

Needle Felting Level 1 | September 4 & 11 6:00-8:00pm | Instructor Lynn | $25

Needle Felting Level 2 | September 5 & 12 6:00-8:00pm | Instructor Lynn | $25

Beginning Children Sewing | Every Saturday of the month 4:00-5:30pm | Instructor Laurie | $25/class

Sewing Basics: Learn Your Machine | September 12 6:00-9:00pm | Instructor Ellen | $25

Sewing Basics: Fabric and Pattern | September 13 6:00-9:00pm | Instructor Ellen | $25

Sewing Basics: Drawstring Bag | September 19 6:00-9:00pm | Instructor Ellen | $25

If you would like any further information on any upcoming classes you can email them at

Be sure to check your local fabric stores to see if they have any classes you can sign up for!

Happy Sewing!


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