Sewn Project #2 {+ Nursing Pads}

For todays project, I sewed up two pairs of nursing pads for myself

All organic too!

Two reasons I sewed these up tonight: 1. I was already sewing up a set for Eco Bambino and 2. I totally left the house today with out a nursing pad and was to be gone for 9 hours+ in another town!

Which brings me to showing you a quick fix {with a last resort option} to a no nursing pad dilemma. If you have found yourself with out nursing pads, this will definitely help in making sure you don’t wet your shirt and look stupid the whole day. It will also help you avoid whispers like ‘look at that dumb lady with all those kids. you’d think she’d learn with how many she has to not leave home with out nursing pads’ or ‘hey, that dumb lady forgot nursing pads. she looks silly with those wet spots!’ Ok, no; I didnt hear any of that.

Luckily I was able take the kiddos I was baby sitting down to the local fabric store!

I got 1/8 yard of organic cotton batting. You definitely won’t need any more than that – In fact, that whole strip made me 10 pairs tonight, including what I conjured up.

Look! Her name is Ashley too! But she doesn’t cut as well as me. {If you didn’t know, before I became a SAHM, I slung fabric at Birch Fabrics in Paso Robles}

Then we quickly went back to the kiddos house and I gathered these materials up

Cotton batting, scissors, tracing pen, and a bowl about 5-7 inches in diameter

Trace bowl on batting {two layers}

Repeat and cut them out. You should have four single layers of batting.

And you’re done! Put two layers in each bra and you’re saved!

You coukd also cut up an old terry towel or if youre a clothwipe mamma like me, fold a wipe over and use.

Now, if you can’t drop by a local craft/fabric store and you absolutely cannot be home or somewhere with old terry towels or clothwipes, then all you need to do is take two pieces of paper towel or two napkins {like, say you’re at Panera or something}, fold them so you have 2-4 layers, and stuff them in your bra. They’re not as soft and are kinda bulky, but they work! Trust me. Because I had done just that before I had the chance to walk out the door, which was good because I had two letdowns!

What have you sewn today?!

*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

Happy Sewing!


5 thoughts on “Sewn Project #2 {+ Nursing Pads}

  1. hey ash–
    I actually just sewed my first nursing pads from your tutorial that you posted on them a while back (thanks for that by the way, I’m planning to do a ton and it will save lots of money!)
    My friend mentioned, though that she thought they would quickly soak all the way through without PLU/Vinyl fabric incorporated somehow, so I was going to do a vinyl iron on for one of the inner layers. In your experience using these handmade nursing pads with just the cotton batting inside, have you found that they soak through/leak really quickly, or do they hold up for a good while?

    • I havent soaked through and Im a heavy ‘wetter’.. my letdowns are huge! Ugh. But I actually just redesigned them since Im selling them in stores now, so today I am updating the tutorial and including a link to where you can get one of the layers of material from. The ones you posted on Insta look sooo darling! I love the fabric you chose! 🙂

  2. lovely! in reply to Angie, using vinyl backed fabrics is not recommended as it can lead to a much higher rate of mastitis (painful blocked milk ducts) as well as preventing your pads from being able to be tumble dried. Which hardly matters to me in comparison to the pain of blocked ducts! a great tutorial, Ashley.

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