Nursing Pad Tutorial *Update*

**I have since updated the design of the nursing pad and will correct {in bold and or/with asterisks*} what has changed. The reason for my design change is that they are now being sold in stores!!!***

Disposable nursing pads are convenient, but cost a ton of money! Even the cheapest ones are $6.00/box and if you spread that over a year you’re paying $72! You can save yourself money by making you’re own and being eco-friendly at the same time! Plus they’re really easy to make.

Here I will show you how to make a pair of nursing pads

Here’s what you’ll need:

-a piece of scrap fabric that is 100% cotton, I prefer organic – this is the part that will touch your breast

-a piece of 100% cotton batting, I prefer organic{has to be cotton to be breathable} – for absorbency

*a piece of fleece, I prefer organic – to ‘wick’ the milk from leaking through

*the fleece I got is fuzzy on one side and woven on the other. some fleece is fuzzy on both sides


-pinking chears {not pictured}

-marking pencil

-a round plate or bowl that is 5-6″ in diameter 

Take your plate or round object and trace around on the wrong side of the fabric, batting and fleece with your marking pencil

Cut out the circles

You should end up with two cotton fabric circles, two cotton batting cirlces and two fleece circles {one for each pad}

Take your circles and fold them in half, right sides together

Sew a straight stitch at a slight angle along the straight edge of the half circle to the top, starting about an inch down

Repeat with all of your circles, folding each in half

Trim off the excess fabric

Unfold them and stack them together like so

Fleece fabric, fuzzy side up, cotton batting, cotton fabric right side facing up

Sew a zig zag stitch around from the raw edge of the fabric, or if youre lucky enough to have a serger, serge the edges

Take your pinking shears and cut off the excess fabric

Repeat for the other pair

Tah dah; you’re very own pair of nursing pads. These are totally wash/dryable and pinking the edge {or serging the edge} will prevent fraying in the wash.

You can make more with just little scraps of fabric and have enough for a whole week or even two!

These will be featured in my Etsy shop at the end of summer so watch for them!


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