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My former co-blogger and good friend Breana over at Sew Basted I Wanna Purl is here to tell you the ins and outs of beginners knitting.

So you see all this yarn, and needles and hooks and think: where do I start? Well I am here to ease your worries with an easy beginners guide to knitting goods. You have a couple options. I usually would suggest going to your local yarn shop and getting all your supplies. I support my local yarn shops when I can. However, when you are starting a new hobby, it can get expensive, and you just might not like it and then you’ve wasted a bundle of money. What a bummer that would be!

 What I first used was a beginners kit like below:

 Picture from Overstock

Currently on you can get this guy for right under $11.00. If you don’t want to wait for it to arrive, I know many big non specialty stores carry them for around $15. If you can’t find one or just wanna pick out your own stuff, I’m going to tell you what you need:


This is always the most fun! Don’t use anything too expensive or fancy for your first project. I know it feels so nice to knit with that snazzy organic wool from a foreign country that never piles. However, I don’t necessarily mean get the cheapest either. The first project I’m going to suggest will probably take less than half an average department craft store skein. For your first project I usually suggest Worsted weight or bulkier. That means no thinner yarns like sport, DK, fingering, etc. These are a beezy to stitch up for beginners. If you want to do the pattern I will be pushin’, I would recommend Worsted Weight! Here are some suggestions (largest to worsted)

Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, Chunky, or Worsted (will just say Wool-Ease)

Loops & Threads Charisma, or Impeccable

Worsted: Red Heart Soft, Caron Simply Soft, Vanna Choice (there’s glitter!)


Alright, now that you’ve groped your yarn, possibly what feels inappropriately for public display of affection, lets pick out some needles! Now that label on your yarn has all sorts of writngs. Lion Brand has a pretty nifty post to try to explan them here. Just for starters, you’re gonna look all over that paper label until you find a box that looks kinda like this:


 Look at all the information! Some yarn will have this information written out for you instead of these neat boxes.These boxes are suppose to represent gauge swatches. See the needles in them middle box? And see how it says use 9US or 5.5mm needles? Lets get some of those. (I’m assuming this is a very interesting yarn since 9 is usually pretty tiny for Super Bulky yarn. Oh well. This is just an example anywho.) So skip over to the needles and look for those. All needles are labeled with both the size in knitting terms (US) and measurements (MM). I suggest to just get the cheap-o needles for now.

 Well, there you go. That’s pretty much all you need for your first project. Check that out, you probably spent under $10 to get some knitting stuff. Whoo!

 How does this knitting thing work?

How are you gonna learn you ask? First off YouTube! Duh! Literally typing in “how to knit” will bring up you so many videos. Second? Library! Once again, Knitting section and you will find tons of books to help, maybe DVDs as well. I love Stitch ‘n Bitch by Debbie Stroller. I don’t feel as dirty cursing, since it’s part of the title and all. has a GREAT Knitting 101! Something to check out. Thirdly if you have a crafty friend, I bet they would be down help you out. Alcohol as payment is almost a guaranteed one on one lesson!

 Now to find a new pattern to stitch. The Garter Scarf is always a favorite. Personally, scarves take too damn long for me to knit. I’m lazy I guess. So instead I picked something else for you! Well, actually it takes you back to as well, or Ravelry.

 It’s a Cinch by Elisa McLaughlin


Picture from It’s a Cinch Pattern by Elise Mclaughlin.

 It’s pretty much a mini garter stitch headband. I used this to teach a friend and it was pretty easy! And quick. And cute to wear! When you get to the end you will need a weaving needles. Those are the big blunt tip plastic or metal needles by all the crafty stuff to sew the ends together to make a cirle. If you purchased the knitting kt, it will have those included.

 Questions? Feel free to ask me! I’m always available through my blog Sew Basted I Wanna Purl, and my Ravelry under Treelessbark!

For knitting terms, please head over to my blog.

 Happy Knotting, I mean, Knitting!



2 thoughts on “Guest Post | Sew Basted I Wanna Purl | Beginners Guide to Knitting

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  2. As a crazy knitting mama I 100% agree with this post! I would also mention gauges. I had always thought they couldn’t really be THAT big of a deal, but after making a hat and realizing how different it is to tell size while on needles vs when you are crocheting, I would definitely recommend always using a gauge. Also for the beginning knitters, if you get stuck the local yarn shop tend to have some great advice and lovely people that like to teach.

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