My Little Sewer

When I first started to sew I never knew that Bry would follow in my footsteps. At first she just braided my fabric scraps into really awesome bracelets. Then it turned into necklaces. Then she sort of transitioned into earrings. Now, she sews. And really well if you ask me! Of course, I am a little bias..

This Friday Bry will be a featured artist in a art show for Art After Dark in downtown San Luis Obispo at Bambu Batu. She has the opportunity to do this show solo {meaning, not sharing a table with Richard or myself like in the past} with a couple of other kids and display her handmade creations. She is pretty excited about it. So last week she sat down and got all prepared.

Cant wait to set up her booth! We are going to use her vanity that we repurposed to be bright and attract customers.

Im so proud of her.

Wanna see her product? Visit her Etsy shop! Or if you’re local, swing by Bambu Batu between 6-9 pm this Friday.


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