Spa Mask Night

It’s been pretty hectic around here with the start of school, PTA business, Etsy, and sewing and more I haven’t really had much one on one time with Bry, let alone my own self. So tonight Bry and I headed to the store and picked us up some cucumber masks and had ourselves a good ol girlie time.

Cucumber masks, face wash, nail stuff, and wash cloths were all we needed

Pre face masks

Bahaha, yeah. Can we say scary movie status or what!? But oh it felt so good!

We relaxed in her room on her new updated cushions and did our nails. At one point I needed to nurse Oliver, but he was so distracted by what we had going on with our faces that he just kinda hung upside downish on my lap and giggled at us.

Post masks – ahhh, refreshed!

Yeah, we are silly together and I love her.

The awesome nail stuff {by Sally Hansen} that we got. It was only $2.99 at Grocery Outlet, what!??! So I bought a plaid and a lil birdie one and did my pointers with the birdies.

It was really nice to just hang out with the girl and talk about her school life, friends, family, fun. I love her.


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