Fabricscrapped at Bambu Batu

Last Friday Bry had an opportunity to have a solo table for Art After Dark at Bambu Batu. She has had solo shows before, but for one particular product or another. She has also sold her items at Bambu Batu with me or Richard, sharing our tables. But this was her very first solo show with all of her handmade goodies, plus a really cool piece of art.

And the coolest thing about this show is that it was an all kids show! 


She did very well! She sold out of her pencil pouches within the first 20 minutes to one guy and made over $60! And she was such a great gal that she went and bought something from each of the other kid artists and even did a trade! Awe, she’s learning the tricks of the trade already.

Im super proud of my girl for being such a great entrepreneur, artist, and daughter.

Way to go Bry!

Check out fabricscrapped on Etsy!

Also, thank you Richard for the photos! Richard Fusillo Photography


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