Homemade Chalk | DIY

A friend of mine showed me a link {I have since lost that link, but only remembered one ingredient from it} to make homemade chalk and I had to just jump right on that!

Here is a little diy fun for you and the little ones


plaster of paris

stone color mix


chalk molds {we used silicone halloween ice cube trays, but you could use an empty toilet paper roll or any other mold}


measure out 1:1 of water and plaster of paris

mix together in a mixing bowl

add stone color mix

mix together

*note: the stuff we used didnt mix well into the mixture. it was clumpy and the chalk didn’t turn blue. not sure if we did something wrong or used the wrong stuff, but you could also try powdered tempura – might work better??

pour into molds

let dry over night

take out chalk from mold carefully and dry an additional 24-48 hours, depending on size of chalk. for god measure, we let ours dry for the full 48 hours and ours were tiny; probably not necessary.

go have fun!

Oh hey, and I made a cute little pul lined chalk bag to hold them in.

Since we had so much fun making these and they came out pretty adorably, I plan on making little halloween goodie bags with one of each mold of chalk in them for Bry’s whole class.

Check out what I did for them last year!

32 of these awesome little bags filled with halloween goodies. This year will be even better.

We are also going to make a ton and hand them out halloween night {just the chalk} with candy. Oo, Im ambitious!


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