Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Oooo, I love coffee dates! Especially with women who love mustaches! {I have one tattooed on my finger! Cliché, I know.. so?} Heidi over at Mustache Mamma started Thankful Thursday Coffee Dates 5 weeks ago and has had success. What a fantastic idea to put in motion since sometimes I find it it hard to go through a day finding things I am thankful for. And what better than to have my first coffee date with Heidi {and all you other bloggies out there} being thankful for just that; my bloggie friends.

I started blogging quite a few years ago, but it wasn’t about anything crafty or the new line to go up in my shop. It was about me, my life, God and the struggles and affirmations that came along with it. I think I started Somewhere Beautiful back in 2008 or 09 and stayed pretty consistent with it. Then I started sewing and {kinda} getting crafty so a friend of mine and I started the blog Sew Basted I Wanna Purl. I found a balance in blogging then, posting personal stories to Something Beautiful and all things crafty and sewing related to the other. I liked to blog, and I wanted people to read it {the crafty one more so than the personal}, but I never really utilized what the blog could do for me. And then I sort of outgrew Sew Basted and created The Little Willow Tree. It was pretty much an outlet for all of my sewing projects, craft failures {I sucked at crafting for a loooong while}, and a wee bit of my personal life. And then it just kinda grew – a lot.

I started following a lot of bloggers, finding them through general and related searches or through tutorials and patterns I would look up. I got so obsessed with it, that I would browse shops on Etsy and link up with them that way. I made sure I commented on posts linking my blog and searching hashtags on Instagram and following people that way. Pretty soon my blog went from 15-20 hits a day to over a few hundred! Now, of course Im happy to have a lot of visitors on my pages since blogging is something Im passionate about and dedicate a lot of time to; but what I am thankful for is all of the friends I have made in the process.. my bloggie {and Instagram} friends. Heidi included. And we live 20 minutes from each other! Annnd, I actually got to meet her last weekend! So cool.

Why I am so thankful for them is because having these friends gives me a sense of community in such a wide open space; the internet. It brings us closer together, helping one another grow in our small businesses and blogs rather than being in competition. Blogging should never be that; and the girls that I have became friends with, we all help each other. I wish some day we could all actually sit down and have a cup of coffee together face to face. But in the meantime, thank you Heidi for allowing us to have our cup of coffee together on your bloggie!

Oh and I am also thankful for coffee.


One thought on “Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

  1. I loved reading your story about becoming a blogger!! I totally agree that we are a little community and need to support others! Inspiration comes from everywhere, and with out the love and support from other bloggie ladies, we might not feel so motivated to carry on. I know I have moments like that being so new to this blogging world! But Lovely Ladies like you encourage me to continue down this path!
    Thank you so much for your amazing post!! And thank you for linking up!!

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