{My} Art of Practicing Meditation


That is definitely not a word I thought I would associate myself with 9 months ago. In fact, Im more of like an interactive Zen kinda girl. Put me in spandex, lay a mat under me, put on some babbling brook music and I’ll be doing downward dog all day with my friends. For me, yoga is energizing and relaxing all at the same time. But I have always wanted to practice meditating.

This past year I decided to have one New Years Resolution. Something completely for myself about myself. I was going to meditate every day of this year. So far, I have!

Now lets define meditation:

Meditation: the practice in which a person trains the mind.

There are a lot of different practices; from relaxation to psychic visions, to building internal energy, to astral journeys. I don’t know about any psychic visions or astral journeys, but I do know that I have gotten pretty good at relaxation and building internal energy.

In the morning, while baby and Richard are still asleep, I sneak out into the living room, right in front of our fireplace, on my blanket I sit and meditate.

At first it was so hard. I think I lasted about 2 minutes before I started running a list of to do’s in my head while I felt baby move around in my belly. But it was the only New Years Resolution I had ever made and I wanted to stick with it. So every chance I got I would meditate. I even meditated in the hospital when baby was born! But I was still having a hard time focusing for very long.

After reading more and more on meditation and guided meditation, I discovered meditation beads; or prayer beads in some cultures. Their purpose is to help keep count while reciting mantras. I don’t recite any crazy mantras, mostly I do ‘Ommmmm’, but when I do, I need help focusing on them. So I decided I needed to get me a Buddhist Meditation Necklace.

I browsed on Amazon and Etsy and there were a few that were a decent price and a lot that were pricey, but I wanted to make one myself and I wanted to do it the right way.

A prayer/meditation necklace, or mala, is typically made up of 16, 27, 54, or 108 beads. The necklace or bracelet are made out of a variety of materials for certain types of mantras you’re reciting. I still am studying the different type of mantras, but I wanted to use natural materials in making mine so I chose wood beads and hemp cord {either in three, five or nine strands} and I wanted to use 108 beads for more constant chants with out repeating too much. I bought the wood beads on Etsy and the hemp cord at the Hemp Shack in SLO. I looked up how to make one {literally, not spiritually} and put it together.

It has helped me so much! I am pretty much ADD when it comes to ‘clearing the mind’ so this gives me something to focus on with out really focusing at all. And I wear it around my wrist when Im not using it cause its also pretty cute!

Yesterday we went to Bambu Batu for group guided meditation.. Bry came with me! But she wanted a meditation bracelet. So we headed to Beverlys, picked up some wood beads and cord and I made one for her just in time for meditation. And she used it!

To read more about Buddhist Prayer Beads go HERE.


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