What Have You Been Sewing?

As you know it’s National Sewing Month. I’ve been celebrating by sewing {at least} one thing every day of the month, hosting a Sew Swap, had a sewing party, blogging about lots of sewing related things including a local fabric store calendar full of sewing classes,  having a giveaway!showcasing tutorials and favorite sewing blogs and fabric shops and will be teaching someone how to sew! I am also going to teach myself how to sew something that I have never sewn before!

I want to know.. what have you been up to? Which ways have you celebrated National Sewing Month? Are you participating in my Sew Swap? Teaching someone how to sew? Starting or finishing projects? Stockpiling fabric? It’s the middle of the month {just over} and we have a couple weeks left of sewing mania. Keep those machines humming and remember to blog your sewing adventures {remember to tag your posts ‘National Sewing Month’!}. At the end of the month I am going to host a linky party and I invite you all to link up with your adventures! But please; if you are participating in my Sew Swap, don’t link up until I have my Sew Swap linky party. Thanks!

Happy Sewing!


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