I am currently…

loving… quite a lot. Since a recent ‘incident’ at Bry’s school, she and I have become closer and are utilizing the communication journal we have. I am also loving the new products that will be featured in my shops soon. And I am loving my JoAnn’s purchase today! So many great fabric for soooo cheap!

devouring… jalepeno jack pretzel crisps. They are so spicy and wild but I love them!

giving… time. Even though I have been super busy with the blog, Sew Swap, Sewing party and PTA stuff, since last week I have made an effort to give my family more of me. It has been great and such a lovely break from the computer, phone, sewing machine. And I am still able to get my things done. Yes, its at 1:30am, but I am notorious for not needing a whole lot of sleep to function and its giving me all day with my loves!

grateful for… all of the support Richard is giving me with my dreams and aspirations. I have a lot of plans in the works with my shops for the future as well as actually putting my product up on the shelves of two {soon to be three} stores! He also is the one who takes all of the shop photos and helps with design and inventory. His support and time has really helped me get my head focused on the bigger picture. Thank you, Richard! I love you!

going… to {finally} see my brother marry the woman of his dreams this weekend! I have been waiting for this moment for years and I am so excited for them and feel honored to be able to witness their love. The moment I met her I knew they were going to be together forever. That almost never happens. I am also going to Legoland next month. We are all pretty excited about that!

Harvesting Kale


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