Pen Pal Swap

Earlier in the month I had participated in a Pen Pal Swap hosted by Aimee, Kristin, and Nicole. A good ol’ sit down and handwrite a letter to your pen pal and include a few fun things as well. I was paired up with Alys from Beautiful Imperfections.

When I was in the 5th grade I had a pen pal from Denmark through our school. Her name was Sara and she was the same age as me; we even looked the same! I remember us exchanging handwritten letters, photos of our family and town we lived in. I even remember us taking a picture of our rooms and arranging them the same way! After 5th grade we stayed in touch for a few years and then high school just kind of got in the way of things and we stopped writing. Then technology came and we got a computer and no one hand wrote a note anymore unless it was a ‘note from home’ excusing me out of school for some ‘appointment’.

I love the convenience on the internet, how fast you can get something typed up and sent out to someone, but nothing comes from the heart more than a hand written note or letter, which made me want to jump in on this swap right away.

My pen pal and I immediately got in contact with each other to find out our likes, colors, etc. and we had a lot in common! We are both nursing infants so no caffeine for us, we both hand {knit or crochet}, sew, love tea and coffee {decaf, of course} and lead very busy, yet fulfilled lives. I immediately went shopping for her and made a couple of handmade items and popped them in the mail –  two days late! Then I find out, so did she! We have both been on the same page from the get go, haha.

I couldn’t wait to get my snail mail and I was excited for her to get hers. I opened up the package and just laughed – we both had made coffee/tea cozies! And both sent coffee/tea related items. My pen pal is so cool. And I LOVE what she made me!

I got an email from her after she received her package and she was happy with what I sent her! Yay!

Today I am going to sit down and hand write out a letter answering all of her questions and comment on what she sent/wrote me so we can get to know each other a little better.

Thanks ladies for hosting this! I had a lot of fun and it was a great break from the Sew Swap I am hosting this month! And thank you Alys, for being my Pen Pal!


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