I am currently…

achieving… mastering new designs for items in my shops. I have about 5 or 6 things on the drawing board, which Im making and remaking to get it right. I’ve never really achieved this kind of goal I set for myself. When I first started sewing I just did, with out planning or goals. At the time that worked for me. But since my transition from a full-time working mom, to a SAHM, and into a WAHM, I have needed to take a look at my business I have been slowly building and set goals for them. One of those goals, first and foremost, was making original designs. I am slowly achieving that. It feels good!

building… a tent/fort for the back yard. Well, I haven’t actually built it yet, but we are gathering materials and should have it done soon. It will be a fantastic addition to the yard.

collecting… fabric. I know, I know.. I already have a huge amount, but when I have shopped before, I usually only shop for myself. Wow, Im selfish! LOL. Another goal that I am trying to achieve is focusing more on what everyone would like with out compromising my taste. So its off fabric shopping I go!

dealing with… PMS, puberty, tween crap. Bry has been dealing with puberty for the past two years and this year her emotions have definitely been affected. She hasn’t started her cycle, yet, but I swear it will be soon. She comes home every other day with a new bff cause the other bff took her bff necklace back or called her a name. And god forbid I ask her to take care of her room or pick up after herself. Lots of ‘ughs’ and stomping offs happen. Heh, and forget me even saying ‘no friends over today’. “You’re ruining my life’ is bound to slip right out one of these days. Im staying patient, and 100% understanding. I know how hard it is to go through puberty and hit all of these milestones – and I did it with out my mother around. I feel so grateful that I am here to answer her questions and be someone to lean on. Even if she hated me about 3 seconds ago. Ha.

enjoying… time with my kids. Yeah, I know, I just complained about Bry, but being able to be home with them is really awesome. I get to hang out with my little man during the day watching him hit new milestones and grow like a weed while big sister is at school. Then spend the afternoons drudging through 6th grade homework that makes me feel like I need to go back to school just to help and giggling over the show Pretty Little Liars that Bry and I watch together. I’ve been a full-time working mom for 11 years so being a SAHM now is so incredibly enjoyable.

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