Record Bowl | Tutorial

I saw a while back some really cool bowls made out of records and thought ‘how easy is that?’. So my bestie found a way to make them and when I went to my brothers wedding this past weekend {we stayed with her}, we busted a couple of them out. These are so easy to make you could stock up on them in a jiffy!

1. Grab an old record! You can find plenty of junked up ones in thrift stores for super cheap!

2. Grab an oven safe bowl and pre heat your oven to 350 degrees

3. Put the record on top of your bowl

4. Place in the oven

5. Wait for the record to start warping

6. Take out of oven {use oven mitts!} and press center of record down into bowl

7. Shape the edges how you like

8. Let cool completely before using

I was able to find a use for the one I made

I put mine on the changing table to keep baby’s wipe solution, baby oil, lotion, and diaper rash cream in

And my bestie is using hers to store all her kids’ DS games!

She also thought up some other really cool things to use them for like wall art and as a planter since it already has the draining hole and is super durable! She sure is clever!

Have fun making them, but please – always use oven mits when taking things out of the oven and always use caution when melting crafts for projects!

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