Sewing With Laminate; Impossible?

When I first started making things I immediately fell in love with some laminates and oil cloths; until I sewed with them. My machine didn’t have a teflon foot so I was getting so frustrated I wanted to throw my new machine out the window! So I stopped sewing with those materials for the longest time.

So need one of these! Anyone have one they don’t need?!

Then I found somewhere online to use wax paper. Just pin a strip of the wax paper where you are going to sew and you won’t have that horrid gathering problem. I tried it and it worked great! But I was wasting so much wax paper. So I stopped sewing with it again.

Then I found this tutorial on how to make a something or other with some laminate cotton {can’t remember what I was trying to make} and she threw in a helpful tip – use painters tape on the bottom of your presser foot!


I do not know why I didn’t think of this before. But I tried it and I love it! So easy, you’re not wasting {a ton} and its super easy to do. So I thought I would show you!

Take presser foot on machine off. My machine makes it where I can snap on and off feet with a release.

bare bottom {hehe} of presser foot

Take your painters tape {I used washi tape; works the same} and put a small strip over the bottom of the foot

Cut out little slits so your needle can sew

Replace foot and start sewing. You will be amazed at how the laminate or oil cloth glide right through! It totally makes sewing with those materials possible!

Great on PUL too!

Do you have any tips on sewing with laminate cotton or oil cloth? Leave a comment! I’d love to hear ’em!

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