Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

Need some coffee? Well go make some and join us for Thankful Thursdays with Mustache Mama! {Thank you for hosting mama!}

This week I am thankful for my best friends, Jaime and Cora.

I met Cora first day of Kindergarten. Ever since then, we have been friends. We hung out a lot {she lived down the street from me}, stayed over at each others house a lot, stuck by each other when kids at school got lame. I think we were together almost every day, even outside of school all through our elementary years. We had lost touch years back when I went off to private school and have just recently reconnected and to me, I consider her one of my best friends. She helps me a lot with sewing questions, we bounce tons of ideas off of each other, keep one another motivated, and can confide in the deepest of things with each other. And because we go way back there isn’t one thing we can’t talk about. I love knowing that I can honestly rely on her no matter what. I am so thankful she is {back} in my life. 24 years of friendship. Ewww, Im that old to have a friend for 24 years?

I met Jaime when I was {dating her brother} back in my Sophomore year of high school. They lived down the street with their mom. I honestly don’t think she liked me very much at first, lol. But eventually she warmed up to me and started carting me around in her little white two door hatchback, picking me up from work, taking me to get food, driving me to see her brother. She even helped me get a… wait for it… BEEPER so she could get a hold of me. Hahahahahaha. Oh man, the memories I have with her. I wouldn’t say we were great friends when her brother and I were together, but we sure hung out a lot. We lost touch after I broke her brother’s heart and it wasn’t until about 5 years ago that we reconnected. Once we did, we grew incredibly close. We talk almost every day about anything and everything. We share a lot of the same views in raising our children {though I would say Im more of a hippie than she is haha}, have a lot in common, and understand and know the value of a friendship. She has been there for me through thick and thin – and there has been a ton of both.

Both of these ladies know what its like to have a lot of ‘friends’ and be incredibly friendless. It seems like everyone is only friends with you when its convenient for them. That is one rule we definitely don’t live by.

Girls, I am so very thankful for you and the unique friendship I have with you both. ❤

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