DIY Natural Air Freshener

Now, I love me some Scentsy. That stuff is yummy and the warmers sure do spice up the home. Plus, those scents don’t make me feel like I am inhaling a chemical factory. But I do refuse to use sprays like Febreeze or those plug ins that spray stuff in your face seemingly every time you walk by. So since I can’t afford to adorn every room in our home with a Scentsy warmer {we have 8 rooms!}, I decided to just make my own air freshener.. naturally!


-baking soda

masor jar {I used a half pint} with just the ring

-fabric or scrapbook paper {I used fabric circles already cut out for the jar already}

-scented oil; I used some essential oil in vanilla that I purchased at Bath & Body Works a while back



-tapestry needle 


Take your fabric or paper and pen and trace a circle with the metal mason jar canning lid {not the ring, the metal circle that usually goes in the ring} and cut that out.

Take the tapestry needle and poke holes through out the fabric or paper. This is to aerate it so the yummy scent will come through.

Measure out half a cup of baking soda and pour into the jar.

Put in about 10-15 drops of the oil. The amount will depend on how large your room is. If you want to put this in the bathroom, I would do less drops. If you want this in your living room, more drops would be better. I would suggest dropping in the least amount, wait a couple hours to see if you can smell it. If not, add more.

Put the lid on the jar with the cut out aerated circle and gently shake the jar, mixing together the oil and baking soda.

Place where you want and enjoy the scent; naturally!

No harsh chemicals in the air filling up your nostrils.

I put mine on the bar top in the kitchen next to our Lunchbox Love. Smells yummy!

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5 thoughts on “DIY Natural Air Freshener

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