Hallows Eve

Hope you all had a very spooky and haunting Hallows Eve!

We sure did..

Although, there was no scaring Oliver

And even Zooey got in on the fun

Zooey and Oliver matched out pumpkins on the porch

And Oliver even tricked and treated our very own house

We went out and trick or treated for about an hour, came home and tricked {ok, we treated} our neighborhood, passed out candy, scared a few people, ate some pizza, and watched Hocus Pocus. We definitely had a great Hallows Eve!

What did you do?

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Last Chance Giveaways!

Today is your last day to enter some awesome giveaways!

I’m hosting a great giveaway for Mariah at BraggAbout Creations. Its her ‘Breast Hat Ever’ to celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Breast Hat Ever

Giveaway ends today at 11:59 p.m. PST

And one more…

A Halloween Surprise Goodie Bag! 

Giveaway ends at 11:59 p.m. PST

Be sure to enter! These are great prizes!


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DIY Baking Soda Shampoo and Conditioner

As you all may know, Im a bit of a hippie. I rarely shave my legs and arm pits {mostly cause Im lazy and I have about 2 minutes from when I set baby down till when he will start crying}, I use natural products on my face and body {I make most all of my lotion and facial scrubs}, we unpaper towel, cloth diaper, and recycle like mad men around here. Well it’s no exception when it comes to my hair. At the salon, I request natural products to be used and when I shower, I use chemical free ‘shampoo’ and conditioner.

Here I will show you a few simple steps to making your own ‘no-poo’ shampoo and conditioner with ingredients you already have in your house! {I love DIY posts like this!}

Baking Soda Shampoo


-measuring cup

-baking soda

-filtered water



-container for shampoo {I use travel size bottles I have lying around. You could use an empty shampoo bottle}


*The ratio of water to baking soda is one cup of water to one tablespoon of baking soda. I used one cup of water only for my three travel size bottles. Larger containers or bottles will require more so make sure your ratio is adjusted to your needs*

Pour one cup of cold filtered water into container or bottle

Add one table spoon of baking soda using funnel {so we don’t get too messy here folks!}

*I premix mine in measuring cup then pour in because I use travel sized bottles and its hard to measure out the water and baking soda ratio. If you do this, be sure to stir the mixture before pouring into each bottle*


Now store it in the shower and its ready to go!

To use:

Simply squirt in your hair and massage into scalp then rinse

TIP!! You can also make as a paste by using less water to get the consistency you want! Store in a container for use. Be sure to rinse it out thoroughly so your hair doesn’t feel grainy!

Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner


apple cider vinegar

filtered water

container or bottle


*The ratio of water to ACV is one cup of water to one tablespoon of ACV. I used one cup of water only for my two travel size bottles. Larger containers or bottles will require more so make sure your ratio is adjusted to your needs*

Pour one cup of water into container or bottle

Add one tablespoon of ACV

*I premix mine in measuring cup then pour in because I use travel sized bottles and its hard to measure out the water and baking soda ratio. If you do this, be sure to stir the mixture before pouring into each bottle*


Store in shower with your ‘no-poo’ for use!

To use:

Squirt mixture on ends of your hair. Be aware that if you use any amount on your scalp it can feel oily. You can put some in your hands and run your hands over your head to condition avoiding massaging it into your scalp.

Rinse thoroughly

Fun tip! I like to leave in the baking soda shampoo and squirt the ACV conditioner in my hair for a foamy feeling! 

I’ve only been doing this for about 6 months {since Oliver was born} and already I am seeing results. Your hair has to go through a process of adjustment so be patient with your hair. It may seem extra oily at first and you may need to wash your hair more often, but think of all the money you’re saving as well as keeping large amounts of chemicals off of your hair and scalp! One box of baking soda and a bottle of apple cider vinegar can last you the entire year with only spending a few dollars! Not to mention the amount of plastic bottles we are not throwing into landfills!

Enjoy your shiny new hair!

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Quick Tips for Haunted Halloween Decorating

Serenity Living Stores has an awesome infographic on how to make a few small changes in your home to transform it into a witchy night, a zombie apocalypse, or an elegant and spooky vampire lair.

Spooky Halloween Furniture

Halloween is just a few days away!

*Reminder!! My Halloween Giveaway is still going on! Be sure to click on ‘Giveaways’ on the top menu on the blog and head on over to enter for your chance to win a Halloween surprise goodie bag! Giveaway ends October 31st at 11:59 p.m. PST*

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Guest Post | Shopping Bag Apron

Hi there. Im Jaime. I don’t belong to a blog, I don’t have an Etsy shop {yet}, my Twitter and Facebook are private, and I have never done a tutorial before. But I am starting to get into this whole sewing/crafting thing and I have a really genius idea to share so I’m hijacking Ashley’s blog to tell you all about it!

Okay, so I made this seriously cute apron in about 5 minutes!! And if you shop at TJMaxx or Marshalls like I do and get their ridiculously cute shopping bags, you’ll definitely have everything you need to accomplish this apron {or two} already in your house.


-TJMaxx, Marshalls, or a similar in size/shape/material shopping bag


-Sewing Machine


I took an apron I already had and laid it on the bag as my template and cut the shape of the apron

I cut the sides of the bags out and unfolded the bag

Next I cut the apron on the fold line where the bottom of the bag would be – making it into two aprons!

I took the excess bag from where I cut the apron template out and made a pocket then sewed it on using a straight stitch.

I took the ribbon and sewed one piece on each side where it would tie around the back.

And there you go!

Thank you for letting me share! Enjoy your new apron!

DIY Washi Tape Pumpkin

With Halloween just a couple days away it’s time to get in your last minute Halloween decorations and supplies ready to spook and haunt your trick or treaters.

Here is a quick way to decorate your not-so-traditional pumpkin in lieu of carving that will leave all of your visitors wishing they had done the same. And it will only take you about 5 minutes to make!


-washi tape

-ribbon or tulle


{ribbon/tulle not pictured}


Starting at the stem, take strips of washi tape and place them vertically on the pumpkin

Continue all the way around your pumpkin, in any order and amount you prefer

Take the ribbon or tulle and tie a bow on the stem

There you go! Easy peasy.

We all have decided to nix the pumpkin carving this year and stick to decorating out lil’ pumpkins. This one is mine, Bry has spider webs and hair and looks a little like Frankenstein, Richard is spray painting his, and Oliver will take a sharpie to his to create a masterpiece.

Look for our pumpkins tomorrow and another great DIY post!

{P.S. Share your pumpkin photos with me! I wanna see how you all decorated/carved yours!}

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Halloween Roundup | Pumpkins

Every year we head over to my sister-in-law’s to carve and decorate our pumpkins. Depending on what day of the week Halloween falls on, we tend to do it as close to Halloween as possible. I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my pumpkin as fresh as I can until I carve into it; sometimes those icky bugs and this icky weather {in my parts anyway} make the pumpkin look sad and saggy by Halloween time if I cut into it too soon.

This year I really don’t feel like carving my pumpkin, though; I feel like just straight up decking it out with trims and fabric and maybe some washi tape!??! I want a pretty looking pumpkin! So here are a few inspirations to decorating your pumpkin – along with a couple awesome carved ones for you intense folk!

 Spider Pumpkin

Cheshire Cat

Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin Tree

Chevron Pumpkins

Washi Tape Pumpkins

Hamburger Pumpkin {Yum!}

Hanging Man {source unknown}

Spider Man {SO COOL!}

Are you decorating {or carving} a pumpkin this year?

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Thankful Thursday Coffee Date with Mustache Mamma

I so need coffee right now. The coffee pot is dirty and I have  Z E R O energy to get up and wash it. I don’t know why it didn’t end up in the dishwasher last night, but even so, the dishwasher wasn’t even turned on. So, you guys, I am writing this post as a zombie.

Speaking of zombies, holy hell people… do you all watch Walking Dead?! If not, you MUST. This is an order. So. Good. And totally realistic too. I mean, I love me some good old fashion zombie movies and of course Sean of the Dead rocks my socks, but The Walking Dead is incredibly modernized and highly realistic. And seriously, from watching that show, I feel like I could survive the zombie apocalypse. It is teaching me so much! You guys have to watch it! I don’t know when it airs, cause we watch it on Hulu {non-cable folk here}, but go. Watch. Love.

OK, enough ramblings, it Thursday! One more day left till the weekend and its coffee {ack, I need coffee!} date time with Heidi over at Mustache Mama! Tell us all what you’re thankful for and go linky up with her. She’d love it.

Today I am thankful for the hour of time I got to myself, with out kids, PTA, or errands. You may have seen a ooo lala photo of me floating around IG close to around 6 pm yesterday

Amazing what a little red lipstick can do to a woman, huh?

Well, thats me, with out kids and meetings and minutes and festival planing and parent calling and not in pj’s!

Truth is, before I got pregnant, I got dolled up all the time. Hair, nails, makeup, lipstick, cute clothes, shoes. Now I don sweats, old band tshirts, messy hair pulled back into a messy bun, and spit up. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m certainly not complaining; but boy do I miss a little bit of the pre baby me. I’m sure, once he is older and I have the energy to throw on some tights again I’ll feel a lot better, but for now, my happy is just having my kids regardless of what I look like.

With that said

Boy oh boy was that hour with out them and all that responsibility nice!

I went over to a friends house to be her model for her hair pretties that she makes so she could list them on Etsy. I was planning on bringing the kids and one of Bry’s friends that was over, but since Bry had Awanas at 6 and her friend was being picked up around that time too, I decided to leave them all at home and go. Glad I did. It was nice not having to shuffle baby from arm to arm or deal with unwanted attitudes from tweens. And not having to have a baby on my boob for an hour was certainly nice! I was able to have a zillion hair pretties to put in my hair one after the other, get photographed, enjoy conversation with a friend, and even get to finish a whole water bottle with out it being spilled on me! It was so lovely and I am so thankful for that time. But I also learned that one hour is about all I can stand with out my kids and being head first in PTA or school stuff. On the way home I was getting antsy cause all I wanted to do was see Bry and hold my baby boy. Cause lets face it; friend time is lovely, but being with your kids is priceless.

But man; I would like to have another hour to myself again soon.

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Our Family

This past weekend we met up with our friend Tom of Tom Fowler Photography for a fun little family shoot at a local pumpkin patch. It was a little icky out, but we still had fun. Baby even got to have a little moment with a llama.

We had the family shoot at Avila Valley Barn. This place is awesome with its pumpkin patch, apple orchard, horses, barn animals, gifts shops, and amazing baked goods! If you’re ever on the Central Coast of Cali, head to this place. You’ll have tons of fun.

For family shoots, weddings, engagements, couples, kids, events and more, contact Tom Fowler of Tom Fowler Photography. He’s good. Obviously! {Thank you, Tom!}

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Halloween Roundup | Food & Costumes

You can’t have Halloween with out ghoulish food and haunting costumes! Here are a few inspirations to make your Halloween party smashing!


1. Hot Dog Mummies

2. Enchanted Brooms

3. Witch’s Wicked Punch

4. Cheese Frankenstein


1. Fox Costume

2. Mousey

3. Pig in a Blanket

4. Jelly Fish

5. Hot Dog Stand

6. Bat Wings

7. Monster Claws

8. Sweet Treats

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