Happy October!

Fall is my favorite season! I love the leaves turning, then falling; I love the crispness in the air; Pumkin Spice latte comes out at Starbucks; and Halloween. And since Halloween is the very last day of the month, that gives me the entire month to get ready. So much like last months sewn project a day, I am going to be doing one Halloween related craft/decoration each day of the month to help prepare for Halloween in our house. Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean that each post will be a diy, handmade, craft item; but I will be giving you peeks into what decorations I’m putting up. I also will be showcasing some diy projects and doing my favorite decoration/costume/project round up each week. Also, on October 16th I will announce a giveaway! So stay tuned for that.

To kick off Halloween, I made a wreath!

It was super easy to make and it only cost me $3.oo! And all items came from the Dollar Tree.

All you need is a glue gun, a crow, some little skeleton men {they came as a garland and I separated them}, some spooky netting, moss, and a wreath. I wrapped the netting around the wreath, glued in place then placed the creatures accordingly over the moss and fastened them with the glue. You can really put them anywhere and even add a few touches of your own. I may add a little wooden sign that says ‘Happy Halloween’ or ‘boo!’.

I wanted it to look like the one on the far right was climbing up the wreath, but their arms were fixated. So now he is just hanging out.

The crow gives me the creeps! But it sure looks spooky. Can’t wait to add the spider webs and ‘dead end’ tape we got for the door.

Happy October everyone!

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