Currently… Week 5

I am currently…

laughing… at Oliver’s incredibly odd and equally cute facial expressions when he sleeps. I wish they didn’t go away as fast as they come on or I would take a pic and show you all. There are moments when he gets incredibly serious, like he is having a Mission Impossible moment type dream and then there are moments when the side of his mouth curls up and he gets this whimsical grin about him. But wait.. then he starts having panic attacks while he sleep, whimpering like a poodle just got her toes stepped on. All in like 15 seconds! It is pretty hilarious. I literally stare at this baby sleep all day long.

writing… this. Haha. And my ‘Thankful Thursday’ post for tomorrow. I like to draft up posts and schedule them to publish later just because I think that is so cool. And because the only time I really can blog is late at night. I am also writing my Pen Pal a letter that is a week over due!

dreaming… of a lovely little sewing space tucked away in the corner of the garage so I can go to a different room and shut the door from crying babies, snooty tweens, and a guy that plays way too much C.O.D. in my opinion. Oh that would be a lovely day.

craving… chocolate. I really want to sink my teeth into some more s’more cupcakes my friend Amanda made for her son’s first birthday party! I need to make those… They were chocolate cupcakes with melted marshmallow and a single piece of a Hershey’s bar. Holy cow. Wow. Yumm. Drool.

anticipating… the arrival of the crochet beads I ordered last week so I can knock out some nursing necklaces and get them listed on Etsy! They’re gonna be so fantastic! Oliver & I are enjoying the one I made for myself and it has been nice to not get pinched and grabbed and pulled and poked. Can’t wait to share them with the world!

Harvesting Kale


2 thoughts on “Currently… Week 5

  1. S’more cupcakes?? Those sound incredible!!

    I think every mom should have a little space of her own in the house where she can shut out everyone else!

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