An Elegant Spider Web

Last week while browsing diy Halloween crafts, I came across a pin on Pinterest of a doily spider web. It was a darling doily stretched out on an embroidery hoop adorned with a little itsy bitsy black spider. It was so adorable! Unfortunately, I’m horrible at ‘pinning’ things so I just kind of made a mental note of it as I was being distracted by my kids’ cuteness.

Today when thinking about which craft I’d like to do, that popped up in my head so I gathered my materials and got to crafting. Bry even helped too, taking over the workload of the smaller loop.

All you need is a crocheted doily, a embroidery hoop, and a itsy bitsy spider. Stretch the doily on the smaller loop, placing the larger loop over the smaller one, tighten, and add spider.

I didn’t have any extra craft loops so I borrow two of my own.

They both look so pretty, except that top spider is creepin me out!

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