Toddler Busy Bag Swap

Last month I participated in a Toddler Busy Bag Swap with 13 other local ladies. Each of us ladies chose a busy bag activity from a list {with links} provided and made 14 bags of the activity we chose. Then we all swapped bags! So I got to bring home 14 {including the one I made} toddler activity bags.

Though Oliver is a tad too tiny for all of these, but they have kept Bry entertained.

{Rotating clockwise}

-play doh with cookie cutters

-color & number wheel

-pipe cleaners and beads

-measuring game

-color sorting

-button snake

-i spy jar

-color matching game

-picture puzzle

-double trouble shape match

-lacing cards

-bean play

-word play

-felt activity mat

I had a lot of fun making my activity and it is awesome to come home with so many to entertain the kids with! I am definitely going to make a cute travel bag for all of these that can hang on the back of the seat in the truck for road trips!

Thanks Pacha for organizing this. Keep me in mind if you do another one of these! I just might have to host a version of this myself!

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