Halloween Felt Activity Mat

Yesterday Bry and I got inspired from our collection of Busy Bags to make a felt activity mat, Halloween themed!

Very fun little project. Simply cut out a cardboard about 1/2″ smaller than the felt all around, use spray adhesive on one side of the felt, place the cardboard center on the felt, spray the other felt on one side and place on top. Press down to ensure all pieces are adhered. Next, cut out some fun shapes {halloween or unhalloween related} and make a scene! There really are no rules to it! Store pieces in a ziploc bag for safe keeping and keep the kiddos entertained.

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One thought on “Halloween Felt Activity Mat

  1. What a fun activity. The thing I love best about it is that you can use the same background and cut out new shapes for almost any holiday or event, or even to do storytelling. Thanks for linking up with me this week, Ashley Marie. It’s great having a new face in the mix at {Monday Mom Musings.}

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