What’s In My…

Another great link up with the Mustache Mama!

It’s always fun to take a peek in a woman’s purse to see what pretty things {or scary?} are hiding in there. Some people feel like a woman’s purse is taboo.. especially men. Well, that may be so, but in my purse you’ll find it pretty boring.

I love this bag because it has a nice handle to sling over the shoulder when I don’t have baby and straps for me to carry as a backpack when I’m with baby. I’ve also never really owned a really girly {as in color} purse before so this has been my purse for a long while.

Now, to see what this mama has inside..

1. wallet. it’s old, but i love it! its been in my purses for about 5 years now!

2. handmade cosmetic case {my fave creation} that holds all of my small pretties in. so that in the case that a guy just so happens to peek inside they wont see my pads, tampons, lip stick, and PMS meds!

3. olivers teething ring. this changes from day to day depending on how long we will be out of the house and what toy is readily available for me to grab on the way out the door.

4. cleaning wipes. im a freak about germies so these help when im out and about in public facilities. they’re great for shopping carts too!

5. dollar tree boho sunglasses. no joke. bry and i found the cutest wannabe ray bans there so i just had to snatch these up.

6. disposies! we cloth diaper, but since i use this as a mini quick trip diaper bag, i usually throw in a disposable dipe or two and carry wipies with me just in case.

7. handmade felt tissue clutch. credit for design goes to my bestie jaime!

8. baby’s nail clippers

9. diy washi tape notebook to jot down ideas, supplies, to do’s and more. a must have when my brain is, how did you say Heidi? a placenta brain. or others may call it baby brain. with out it, i wouldn’t be able to get anything done!

Definitely not as interesting as most would think. I might have to do a What’s In My… cosmetic case side post so you guys can see the nitty gritty! Ha.

Oh and I too had a secret receipt stash, but it was a complete disaster and I think Heidi’s receipt monster came over and gobbled up all of them for me.

So, what’s in your purse? Link up over at the Mustache Mama!

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3 thoughts on “What’s In My…

  1. LOVE IT!! That bag is so ADORBS!!! I love the print on your wallet!! So cute! And the PMS bag…Genius! I think I need one of those too, kinda embarrassing when you grab for a pen and pull out a TAMPON!!! FAIL! lol
    I think I usually have a diaper or two floating around when we are out and about too, what mama doesn’t!! And I guess a sippy cup is usually in there too…
    Thank you so much for linking up girl!!! YOU ROCK!

  2. YAY for $1 sunnies! lol I really need to carry a new notebook for “notes” mine always resort to being used for kiddo drawings in the car. Just today I was in the car and had a great Blogging idea…yep…lost it. Didn’t write it down. Dang…it could have been amazing.

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