I am currently…

watching… a few shows. I’m not big on TV, but there are a few shows I’m into right now. The Walking Dead is one of them. I have a love for zombies and this show is just bad ass. And completely realistic! I would imagine that if there was an outbreak it would be similar to this show. I hope I’d consider myself a badass if it did. I’m a mom.. I’d protect the hell out of them.

Also, Bry and I are watching Pretty Little Liars. D-rama I tell you, but I love myself a good mystery and this show is full of it. Plus, I have a total girl crush on Spencer.

And I’ve been doing these small marathons of… wait for it… Teen Mom. And that is that.

reading… Twilight series, still. Theres just nothing more I can say about that. I mean Edward, Bella… c’mon. Amazing! Plus, I secretly {ooops, not a secret anymore} wish I was a vampire in that book!

eating… I am about to have Richard bring me a chocolate donut.

inspired by… my bloggie friends. One of them just redid her blog and I have been thinking about it for some time now and her revamp just reinforced my decision to get mine redone as well. She referred me to someone that I think will be a great fit for me and the blog and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling. With my blog growing {in posts and followers}, Ive taken inspiration {as well as awesome advice} from these lovelies to get my dreams in to reality mode.

thinking… I am in over my head {just a bit{. With what? Oh, yah know.. PTA stuff. I am currently an officer on the Executive Board as the secretary. I also am on the planning committee for the Fall Festival. I also took on as co-coordinator for Films With Families and Bingo night. Oh and.. I am now the Room Parent Coordinator. Weeeee. This will be a fun year!

Harvesting Kale

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  1. Found you on the Mustache Mama GFC Collective Blog Hop and discovered you all do Currently! I link up to Harvesting Kale, too : ) *fist bump* for zombies and vampires ; ) New follower from

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