Halloween Roundup | DIY Yard Decorations

We decorated the front of the house weekend before last and this week we are getting our front yard ready. We plan to make some creepy graves and add dome more webs, but I want to add a few more scary things too. Maybe some pumpkins? Dress up our pink flamingo?

What yard decorations are you pulling out for Halloween? Not sure? Here are some fun{ny} diy yard decorations that are sure to scare or laugh the pants right off of your trick or treaters!

1. Grounded for Life!

2. Spirit Jugs

3. Halloween Graveyard

4. Boarded Up

5. Ghost

6. Crashing Witch

Fun and easy diy’s to do to mix in with your already purchased items. Have fun decorating! I will update you all when our yard is finished.

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One thought on “Halloween Roundup | DIY Yard Decorations

  1. We have (3) wooden pumpkins made by my pants on sticks. Mommy/Daddy/son (all with names on them)/fun faces. Also a large 3D wooden pumpkin on the steps, and on the other side of the steps a scarecrow hanging over a stake with our family names on it (also made by my parents) very nice, we love to decorate! Inside we have a Mickey Mouse door greeter (dressed as a skeleton), Frankenstein door hanger head, light-up neon green jackolantern on the dining room table, and a reversable Halloween table runner (made by my Mom), and a Halloween table cloth, and a tin Halloween jackolantern. Still need to add a giant glowing ceramic pumpkin (made by a family friend), and finish the haunted porch in time for the big night! (We get about 300+ trick or treaters!)

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