Product Review | Handmade Swiffer Duster from Reigning Hearts

A dear friend of mine makes some amazing awesome things and co-owns an Etsy shop Reigning Hearts. So when I saw her handmade swiffer dusters I just HAD to have one to try.

It’s ridiculous how expensive all of these disposable items are, not just over time, but right when you purchase them.

The Swiffer starter kit retails for anywhere between $4.47-7.00. Not too much money, but then you have all of the refill kits you have to buy. I used to dust every other day. So lets say that I did {I don’t haha} and I buy a average 16ct refill retailing for around $12.00. That will get you through one month. 12 months in a year at $12/box and you’re spending $144!! Not to mention, all of those swiffer dusters {192 of them!!!} end up in our landfills. Who knows how long it takes before that waste starts to break down. So for me, its a no brainer – buy {or make} reusable dusters!

I picked up my duster from one of the shop owners yesterday, excited at the fun pattern I was able to choose.

Whats great about this handmade duster is that it is made almost identically to the actual swiffer dusters. So easy to use and figure out and it fit just the way it was supposed to!

It’s almost too cute to use!

We don’t get too much dust around the house so I looked for something that was way dusty and would show you how well it worked easily. My machine seemed to be the perfect subject.

After using it I saw that it totally did its job. But I also wanted to make sure that the duster didn’t just dust, but trapped the dust in its self. So I carefully inspected it and found that it did!

Okay, it is a little difficult to see the tiny dust particles, but it did pick up the big ones and they stayed on. Yes, I shook it! They didn’t budge!

And when you’re done dusting, just throw in the wash with your kitchen towels, and reuse!

So if you’re looking for a great alternative to disposable dusters purchase one or a few and give your home an eco friendly way to clean!

Be sure to swing by Reigning Hearts on Etsy and Facebook!

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