The Holiday Stitch Market

This past April I had to duck out of The Spring Market since I delivered Oliver one week prior to the event. I was super bummed about it, but I decided it was for the best and I didn’t want to spend two days nursing a newborn constantly, while changing a gazillion poopy diapers and recovering from a cesarean. Plus, inventory-wise, I wasn’t ready.

But I have been slowly working toward the Holiday Stitch Market and I am happy to announce that I will be a vendor for the market this time around. I’ve done quite a few booths for Art After Dark as well as being in a few credited art shows, but never have I took on a Market like this.

My booth is under Oliver’s Treasure Chest, so I will have all my handmade lovelies for baby and mama, but in addition to that I will be offering goodies from The Little Willow Tree as well. And I am so excited to start planning my booth now.

So please, if you’re local, come out and support local and handmade! There are so many amazing vendors at this market I am truly honored to be a part of it.

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