I am currently… {linking up with Harvesting Kale!}

feeling… sick. Bry brought home a little bug from school and gave it to me. I wasn’t feeling too icky, then Richard got sick and was worse than how I felt so I just didn’t complain about it. But I have been running around handling PTA things, took on the role as Room Parent Coordinator, and co-coordinating the upcoming Fall Festival; not to mention fulfilling Etsy orders, nursing, taking care of Bry, taking care of baby, preparing for the upcoming markets, and sleep? All of that has just weighted me down and now I want to complain about being sick. I need a break!

water… and lots of it! I know fluids are super good for keeping me well so water water water. And orange juice. And I can’t forget my morning cup of joe. Although I wish I could have a huge margarita right about now!

looking for… a routine. I am one of those persons that lives and thrives on a routine and since baby has come there just isn’t one. And though I don’t talk about it, I have OCD so not being able to satisfy my routine urges makes it so hard for me and I get way stressed out. I also feel like because we haven’t been able to have a routine, our household has become a bit unsteady and I think it has effected Bry somewhat. Not just at home, but in school too. And when it effects my children it hurts and stresses me out more. So one of these days, very soon, Im going to have to hand baby off to daddy for as long as I can and I figure out a routine for us all. Once I find it, Im sure my stress will go way down. And then, maybe I won’t feel so sick anymore!

dreaming of… the new things to come on The Little Willow Tree. Im mentally planning everything and gathering ideas and inspirations. As soon as I can find our routine I can sit down and put it all on the drawing board. New blog move, new design, new link ups, and even an Etsy shop makeover. But that wont happen for another few months. Right now, Im just dreaming about it!

making… my Style Swap partners hair pretties! Im participating in a Share Your Style Swap and am excited with whom I was partnered up with! So Im getting the last of her pretties together and getting it all ready to go out tomorrow. Im also making a few lovelies for my {not so} Secret Squirrel for the Fall Swap I am participating in. I got paired up with Shannon of Sassy Lemonade and I can’t wait to get her warm and fuzzy swap items in the mail!

Harvesting Kale

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2 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. Man do I hear you on the routine thing! This baby has turned our world upside down. I’m having moments of intense crazy as I watch my to-do list get bigger since I can’t move nearly as fast as I used to.

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