DIY Washi Tape Pumpkin

With Halloween just a couple days away it’s time to get in your last minute Halloween decorations and supplies ready to spook and haunt your trick or treaters.

Here is a quick way to decorate your not-so-traditional pumpkin in lieu of carving that will leave all of your visitors wishing they had done the same. And it will only take you about 5 minutes to make!


-washi tape

-ribbon or tulle


{ribbon/tulle not pictured}


Starting at the stem, take strips of washi tape and place them vertically on the pumpkin

Continue all the way around your pumpkin, in any order and amount you prefer

Take the ribbon or tulle and tie a bow on the stem

There you go! Easy peasy.

We all have decided to nix the pumpkin carving this year and stick to decorating out lil’ pumpkins. This one is mine, Bry has spider webs and hair and looks a little like Frankenstein, Richard is spray painting his, and Oliver will take a sharpie to his to create a masterpiece.

Look for our pumpkins tomorrow and another great DIY post!

{P.S. Share your pumpkin photos with me! I wanna see how you all decorated/carved yours!}

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