Guest Post | Shopping Bag Apron

Hi there. Im Jaime. I don’t belong to a blog, I don’t have an Etsy shop {yet}, my Twitter and Facebook are private, and I have never done a tutorial before. But I am starting to get into this whole sewing/crafting thing and I have a really genius idea to share so I’m hijacking Ashley’s blog to tell you all about it!

Okay, so I made this seriously cute apron in about 5 minutes!! And if you shop at TJMaxx or Marshalls like I do and get their ridiculously cute shopping bags, you’ll definitely have everything you need to accomplish this apron {or two} already in your house.


-TJMaxx, Marshalls, or a similar in size/shape/material shopping bag


-Sewing Machine


I took an apron I already had and laid it on the bag as my template and cut the shape of the apron

I cut the sides of the bags out and unfolded the bag

Next I cut the apron on the fold line where the bottom of the bag would be – making it into two aprons!

I took the excess bag from where I cut the apron template out and made a pocket then sewed it on using a straight stitch.

I took the ribbon and sewed one piece on each side where it would tie around the back.

And there you go!

Thank you for letting me share! Enjoy your new apron!


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