Recipe Swap

*Signups are now closed! Thank you to everyone who has signed up. You will be hearing from me shortly!*

How fun is this? My friend Cora {past guest blogger and creator of the most amazing reusable swiffer duster ever!} planted this seed in my brain and since then it has grown! I am introducing to you a Recipe Swap!

Recipe Swap

Who loves them so good ol’ fashioned kitchen cookin’? I do, I do! When I get the chance, I love going into the kitchen to cook up a meal for my family. And I am a full on recipe woman. Throw a bunch of ingredients in from of my face and tell me to cook it and I will cowl and hide. Hand me a recipe and you’ve got yourself a meal. You know, they say, ‘The way to a mans heart is through his stomach’. Well, the way to my heart is through my stomach too! Plus cooking and sitting down for a meal with the people you love brings you closer together. What a better way to bring us all together than having a recipe swap?

Here’s how it works:

You will be paired up with someone to swap recipes. Once swapped, cook up that delicious meal and blog about it! Then come back and link up with me!

Easy Peasy.

Here are the steps:

Step one: Email me at willow.little {at} gmail {dot} com telling me you want to join. Please include your name and address in the email. A followup questionnaire will be sent out shortly after. Signups close November 7th.

Step two: Spread the word. If you know someone who might be interested, forward them to me so I can sign them up. The more, the merrier! Tell your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or your blog! If using twitter or IG, use hashtag #recipeswap

Step three: On November 10th I will email you your partners information. {Be sure to follow them! This is about making friends!}

Step four: On or before November 17th mail out your recipe. Please be sure to mail it out no later than November 17th.

Step five: Receive your recipe and get to cookin! You can take photos of the process or just the finished dish. Whatever works best for you!

Step six: EAT!

Step seven: Blog about the recipe. Include photos and be sure to put the recipe in your post! Remember; if you’re sharing on Twitter or Instagram, use hashtag #recipeswap!

Step eight: Come back and link up! I will be having a linky party November 30th. {This gives you plenty of time to cook, blog, and enjoy Thanksgiving before linking up!}

Here are a few rules and information:

If you are new to cooking or not that great, thats okay! Just be sure to let me know in the questionnaire.

Please folks, keep your partner in mind. The questionnaire I will send out will be very specific. If someone is a vegetarian, do not send them a roast duck recipe. We want them to try something different, but they need to be able to eat it too!

All recipes sent must be reasonable. Do not send a 40 ingredient recipe with a 1 hour prep, 2 hour cook time. Most of us are busy mamas and may not have that kind of time. We are not June Cleaver!

No; you yourself does not have to cook it. Hubby is the cook in the house? He is more than welcome to accomplish it. Just remember to snap a few photos and always KISS THE COOK!

And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

*Open to US and CANADA only*

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