D2T Mug Swap

Even though Heidi and I are hosting a mug swap together, I decided to jump on another one via, of course, Instagram. Who doesn’t want an awesome mug selected by a new best {IG} friend?

This swap was hosted by Instagrammer Cody {@designed2think}

I was paired up with Heidi {@hmreed}. Actually, I wasn’t ‘paired up’ with her per se, but more of she was assigned to send a mug to me and I was assigned to send a mug to someone else. Sort of like a mug chain, I suppose.

Coincidentally, Heidi was also assigned to send a mug to my honey, Richard, through my mug swap! How funny is that?

Anyway, I opened the package and…

Ahhhh, what the heck? How amazing is this? I am so in love with my mug! And I have been needing a steeper for my tea {well, wanting anyway} for a while now. Definitely cannot wait to get that coffee in my belly. Smells amazing! She is from Louisiana so she wanted to send me something popular from her parts in the coffee world.

Thank you Heidi! I am in love!

Check out what Heidi sent Richard! Definitely snagging some of his tea so I can try out my new steeper!

Once my ‘partner’ receives her mug, I’ll share what I sent to her.

Thank you Cody for hosting the swap!

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