Weekend Art Challenge with Jeff Claassen

A good friend of mine and amazing artist Jeff Claassen has been doing this ‘Weekend Art Challenge’ series on his blog. Last weekend, and the first of this series, was to paint a self portrait. I used to paint before all of this sewing. I wasn’t any good and I was better at abstract than realism because let’s face it – I can’t draw for crap. So I skipped out on this series since I haven’t painted in… 8 years. And I am glad I did because even that sweet Evy {who is 10} would have beat me out of it.

But this weekend was a challenge I wanted to take! Paint, draw, sew, collage, screen print {or any other medium} a turkey hand! Heck yes.

Weekend Art Challenge 2

So I got out my fall colors, traced my hand on some lovely red gingham fabric, and sew’d up this little cutie; who will be the first fall decoration of our home {I know, I know – I’m a little late.}

He is currently perched upon our fireplace mantle gobbling away.

Happy fall, happy turkey, and happy weekend art challenge!

Thanks Jeff for the opportunity to participate – it was a good kick in the butt to get our home decorated for fall!

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