Kindle Fire Sleeve | Tutorial

Last Christmas I got a Kindle Fire from my honey. I was so excited I got on Amazon, set up my account, and in about one hour spent the $50 credit I had from my boss for Christmas. In the mass of what I had purchased I got myself a nifty little cover for it in a really cool orange color. It was perfect and I loved it… for like a couple months. Then I wanted something that represented myself and I wanted to make it myself.

But then I had baby and got busy sewing and opening my Etsy shop Oliver’s Treasure Chest and I forgot.

I was looking in my ‘future projects’ binder when I came across the scribble – Kindle Fire Sleeve – and since I was bored and had some free time, I made one!

After I posted it, I got 4 custom orders! Plus an iPad sleeve order. I had no idea sleeves would be this popular. So I thought I would share with you how to make one for yourself!


-fabric {i used melody miller – duh}

-fleece {i used organic bamboo fleece}




Cut your fabric and fleece into 9×12″ pieces. Make sure that if your fabric is directional that you cut the length {12″} with the pattern.

Cut your elastic 4″.

Put fabric and fleece right sides together.

Fold the elastic into a loop and tape {or pin} in between the fabrics 3″ in from the end of your layered fabrics {doesn’t matter which end} along the top.

Pin and straight stitch across the top.

Unfold your fabric

Then fold in half so it measure 6×18″

Pin around the three raw edges, making sure to leave about a 3″ opening on the fleece side to pull your fabric through. I put the pins where the opening is in a different direction so I knew where to start and stop.

Sew around leaving that opening.

Trim edges and pull fabric through.

Fold edges in at opening about 1/4″ and stitch closed.

Tuck fleece into fabric to make the sleeve.

Top stitch around the top about 1/2″ for a more finished look.

Slip Kindle inside and fold elastic over to measure where the button will go. Take a marking pen or pencil and mark it.

Hand sew button on.

Slip Kindle in sleeve and enjoy!

People will be asking all over where you got your sleeve at, trust me!

If you have an iPad, adjust measurements accordingly. {The width should be double + seam allowance. Length would just be + seam allowance.}

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