Reusable Produce Sacks

As you may know from my previous post on my reusable grocery totes, our county placed in affect a plastic bag ban. Any retail store of 10,000+ sq. ft. would not be able to hand out plastic bags to their customers. In addition to that, if you needed a bag, you could pay the store .10 for a paper bag. Or you could just bring a reusable bag!

But grocery stores are still providing plastic produce bags! I feel as though that is the one thing that consumers do not reuse when grocery shopping a whole heck of a lot more than the actual plastic grocery bags {I would reuse mine for the trash cans in the bathroom}. Yet grocery stores are still providing them to their customers. So I thought, in addition to my reusable grocery totes, you can also purchase reusable produce sacks!

Whats great about these, aside from the fact that they’re reusable, is the cost is low for me so the purchase price is low for you!

Another great fact: they’re virtually weightless so it wont effect your price when weighing your produce. And they’re see-through so the checker is able to still see the stickers on the produce!

Speaking of produce stickers here is a great photo full of info on what those numbers on that sticker means

These bags are pretty much my new fave thing!

If you would like to order some, email me at! I can do just about any color and size!

Even if your county doesn’t have a plastic bag ban, reusable is the way to go! Keep our streets and oceans clean as well as keeping unnecessary waste out of our landfills! Plus, these are just too cool not to buy!

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