Reusable Produce Sacks

As you may know from my previous post on my reusable grocery totes, our county placed in affect a plastic bag ban. Any retail store of 10,000+ sq. ft. would not be able to hand out plastic bags to their customers. In addition to that, if you needed a bag, you could pay the store .10 for a paper bag. Or you could just bring a reusable bag!

But grocery stores are still providing plastic produce bags! I feel as though that is the one thing that consumers do not reuse when grocery shopping a whole heck of a lot more than the actual plastic grocery bags {I would reuse mine for the trash cans in the bathroom}. Yet grocery stores are still providing them to their customers. So I thought, in addition to my reusable grocery totes, you can also purchase reusable produce sacks!

Whats great about these, aside from the fact that they’re reusable, is the cost is low for me so the purchase price is low for you!

Another great fact: they’re virtually weightless so it wont effect your price when weighing your produce. And they’re see-through so the checker is able to still see the stickers on the produce!

Speaking of produce stickers here is a great photo full of info on what those numbers on that sticker means

These bags are pretty much my new fave thing!

If you would like to order some, email me at! I can do just about any color and size!

Even if your county doesn’t have a plastic bag ban, reusable is the way to go! Keep our streets and oceans clean as well as keeping unnecessary waste out of our landfills! Plus, these are just too cool not to buy!

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Custom Order | Chevron Wet Bag

I was contacted by a friend of mine to make her a hanging wet bag for her son’s nursery. She wanted a zippered bottom and elastic top in a grey and light yellow pallet to coordinate with the nursery. She chose an awesome tone on tone Chevron print with a light yellow zipper which makes this wet bags one of the cutest I’ve done so far.

I love the zippered bottom; makes it easier to just unzip all the dipes right into the wash. The elastic band keeps the dipes in place while not completely sealing the bag off so you’re not creating ammonia and bacterial growth. It is fully lined with PUL to prevent leakage, but still allow for air flow.

I get to hand this off to her tomorrow and I am so excited about it. I hope she likes it!

If you would like a custom wet bag, please contact me on Etsy!

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A little while back I made bow ties for my friends wedding; one for the groom, groomsmen, and ring bearers in such pretty colors! {The wedding was gorgeous!!}

Cant see much of the bow tie in that photo, but isn’t he just darling!

By the way, I just have to say that the photographers were awesome that day! Check out Chris Seid Photography.

Need a bow tie or three for a special event? birthday, prom, or just for fun? Head over to Oliver’s Treasure Chest to see what we have or contact me for a custom order!

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Oliver’s Treasure Chest’s First Baby Model

Today we headed over to a friend’s house who just had a beautiful baby girl about a month ago. I had asked if we could ‘borrow’ her baby for a photo shoot for my headbands in Oliver’s Treasure Chest and she happily agreed. All of my friends have had boys recently so I am glad she said yes or Oliver would have, once again, been subject to mommy staging him as a her for her little girly products.

Here are a couple of my favorite shots!

Isn’t she just perfect?

We also got some adorable photos of her in her Halloween costume for Richards Halloween Special!

Thank you to my friend for letting me borrow your precious baby girl and thank you Mabel for being the most perfect model ever!

These headbands are available! Can also do custom headbands, just let me know!

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Nursing Pad Set | Etsy

New nursing pad set up in Oliver’s Treasure Chest; my favorite set so far. Im trying everything in my power to not snatch these up for myself. And theyre my softest yet; made from gorgeous Anna Maria Horner Voile!

So pretty!

Available now and can do custom orders.

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Sewn Projects | Week Three

This week I have sewn up some fun stuff!

1. Polka Dot Baby Legs for Olivers Treasure Chest

2. Economy Unpaper Towels for The Little Willow Tree {will be listed tomorrow}

3. A little typewriter cosmetic case for myself

4. A set of four 100% organic bamboo fleece and organic cotton burp cloths plus two Bamboo Fleece burp cloths. The set of four are now available in Bambu Batu! The other two I just donated to their nursing nook.

5. A felt owl plushie I made for a project on how to reuse your serger scraps

6. Little Letter Needle Book. Just about the cutest thing.

6. a. See, it totally looks like a letter!

6. b. Vintage foral print on the inside with felt to hold the needles

7. A set of nursing pads for Olivers Treasure Chest

What have you been sewing this past week? {Sew Swap items maybe?!?!}

*Reminder! We are having a giveaway for the month of September to celebrate National Sewing Month! Anyone who comments in a post tagged ‘National Sewing Month’ will be entered to win! Please see our Giveaway section at the top of the blog for more information on the giveaway. Comment away!*

Fabricscrapped at Bambu Batu

Last Friday Bry had an opportunity to have a solo table for Art After Dark at Bambu Batu. She has had solo shows before, but for one particular product or another. She has also sold her items at Bambu Batu with me or Richard, sharing our tables. But this was her very first solo show with all of her handmade goodies, plus a really cool piece of art.

And the coolest thing about this show is that it was an all kids show! 


She did very well! She sold out of her pencil pouches within the first 20 minutes to one guy and made over $60! And she was such a great gal that she went and bought something from each of the other kid artists and even did a trade! Awe, she’s learning the tricks of the trade already.

Im super proud of my girl for being such a great entrepreneur, artist, and daughter.

Way to go Bry!

Check out fabricscrapped on Etsy!

Also, thank you Richard for the photos! Richard Fusillo Photography